7 Cold Floral & Flower Wallpapers For The Hot Summer

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Since the walls can quite transform the look of the room, the choice is very important. Also, a lot of people want something unique that is not difficult today because there is a large selection of roses wallpaper, vintage floral wallpaper, and so on. When we talk about renovation during the hottest part of the year, then definitely our voice goes floral and botanical wallpaper. This way you achieve a romantic and attractive look of the room. This is an opportunity to raise the energy in the room to a higher level by taking advantage of some energetic features such as deep blue sky, sun, etc.

Of course, the most important element is flowers. This adds liveliness to your home and makes your room bright and fresh. When you have small areas, it can be a problem to do some authentic paintwork. That is why there are wallpapers that make everything easier because they are the ideal choice in this case. All you have to do is choose a design that will inspire you. If you have a big room, you can go with dark floral wallpaper also.

1. Chinese Crane Birds with Lotus Florals

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If you want something that automatically attracts attention while at the same time maintaining a sophisticated look, then this is the perfect choice for you. Believe us, everyone will look at them first when they step into a certain room. This is a great opportunity to decorate the rest of the room in a simple way and let all the credit for this choice of wallpaper take over. They are ideal for smaller rooms because they provide a certain depth due to the appearance of lotus candles. In this way, they contribute to greater relaxation and calmness during your stay in such an environment, and at the same time, it is a very effective detail. All fans of minimalist furniture will adore them and will gladly decorate their space with them.

2. Light Blossoms

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We present you with a soft-toned wallpaper design that looks trendy and thus brings summer into your space. It is an opportunity to refresh your home and contribute to a lively atmosphere. Perhaps this choice would fit best with the bedroom because it belongs to the group of more neutral decor. However, it is equally a good option for the living room or any other room in which you want to bring an elegant touch.

3. Corn Poppy with Butterflies

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Apart from the fact that this is a background effect that brings a positive atmosphere to any space, you can achieve much more than that. The specific design can also serve as a work of art and thus fascinate all your guests. It will also make your walls longer than they really are, and thanks to the magnificent colors, it will fit into almost any furniture and decor. Based on all this, you can bring a great summer effect into your room and thus improve the interior design without higher costs.

4. Tropical Leaf and Flowers

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Details like tropical flowers will never be a bad choice if you want to further open the space and give it a fresh look. Especially during the summer days, you and your guests will enjoy spending time in this environment. Imagine all the long conversations over cocktails with your friends and similar events, but also relaxing with your favorite book. We will agree that this topic goes perfectly for any occasion, which is why it is on this list. So, bring a breath of wind into your home and create an impressive effect. Fresh tones will brighten the space and take you to a tropical island at times.

5. Florals with Green Leafs

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Flowers improve everyone’s mood and that is why it is always a good option to put it in your home, and it is best to opt for wallpaper in this design. This way you can create a central element that will guide the entire rearrangement. For example, huge flowers on the wall with green leaves can be colors that will dictate the rest of the furniture, or focus immediately on style or something else. So, it is also a great option for all those who are undecided on that issue. In any case, these wallpapers contain beautiful details that will make your space shine. It is a combination of quiet and vivid colors that are mainly used in bathrooms, kitchens, but also living rooms.

6. Vintage Blossoms with Birds

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Don’t let your annoying walls spoil your mood and do something about it. To achieve the exact opposite effect, use some great ideas like this. Vintage always contributes to the elegance of the home, and beautiful floral wallpapers like ones you can find at Wallmur, with roses create an even better effect. It is a very practical thing if you want to refresh the room, and soft colors provide a lot of possibilities when it comes to choosing furniture. So, this will be adored by all those who like a combination of modern and traditional elements, and with wooden decor you can get a dream room.

7. 3D Embossed Look White Flowers

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So, a lot of customers also opt for a three-dimensional look of the room. You can’t believe all the ideas that come to people’s minds. So consider whether you would also like to make your space more interesting by significantly expanding the space with white flowers and creating a stunning effect. It is an ideal choice for dark places or in rooms with a stronger color of furniture. This design only further emphasizes them and that is why our advice is not to avoid that option.


We hope we have inspired and motivated you with our ideas. Be patient when choosing wallpaper and do not be afraid of bold choices. Also keep in mind the size of your space, the presence of light and furniture. Based on that, you will surely choose the appropriate color and pattern. Of course, you don’t have to be guided by that alone, because you can create a center of focus thanks to the extravagant wallpaper on one wall. There are really many ways to decorate your space.

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