2 Best Projector for under $500 in 2024 – Buying Guide

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Epson EX5230

One of the Highlight features of the Epson EX5230 is the built-in MicroSD Card slot – a third party micro SD card reader has been selected, allowing you to expand the built-in storage to up to 32GB. The camera mount supports a 2.35:1 aspect ratio while minimizing the need for device rotation. You can drive the Epson EX5230 external storage.

About Epson EX5230 Projectors:

– Rear projection lens included
– Non-reflective array, non-flicker-free for smooth image quality
– 11.2″ (279 mm) diagonal LED backlight delivers astounding brightness and contrast and is the equivalent to up to 8″ (203 mm) from a standard film stock (8″ in RGBW mode)
– Ultra-fine image performance provides excellent all-round visual quality
– In-camera, multi-stage image processing delivers full HD image quality from beginning to end with no image degradation or compression
– Image processing technology applies a complex math equation to determine an optimal resolution and image clarity, balancing the brightness, color, contrast, and sharpness of each frame so the entire image is equally sharp and clear
– Picture and audio levels are dynamically adjusted and controlled at every frame for improved clarity, contrast, and clarity of low-light images
– Audio output is optimized for HD-DVD movies
– Choose between Blu-ray or HD-DVD signals to download and enjoy high-definition content on the way
– Solid magnesium-alloy chassis with a lightweight feel
– Front-loading DVD / CD tray to avoid bending during travel
– USB port for media transfers and charging
– Two 1/8″ and 3.5mm jacks for attaching Blu-ray / DVD players
– Seven-piece video/audio/cassette combo insert panel for photo album, TV, or Internet use (minor scratches, double-sided label on one side, requires extra wiring)
– Four-year, dual-year or unlimited-use warranty (with metal jacketed stand, one-year printed replacement cover)
– Five-year, etched-metal stand, with black cartridge clicker and protective finish
– Two compact receiver modules and two separate audio output ports
– Two main cables: one twisted-pair cable for HDMI audio, the other white-wire cable for DC-in audio
– 4.6 ft. optical cable
– Discrete blue LED and simple-to-use remote control

Optoma ML750 WXGA

About Optoma ML750 WXGA Projectors:

  • Great image quality, with plenty of features for multimedia activities
  • Easy to use
  • Portable design makes for easy portability
  • It has a bright backlight and zero backlight lock, making it great for reading in the dark
  • Standard RGB LED, 100% Rec.709 color gamut, and grayscale color
  • Approximate 2 hours on-screen average usage
  • 24 bit audio output with 3.5mm stereo jack
  • The portable, small, multi-function wireless projector represents a new class of devices on the market that combine the best in mobility and versatile entertainment. Additionally, the ML750 WXGA model is a next generation solution to create incredible visuals on a large screen.

Optoma ML750 WXGA Unparalleled Features:

The fully featured ML750 WXGA produces the wide color gamut and exceptional contrast, and achieves a higher resolution (1776 x 1080p) for more options and options to display your favorite videos, games and photographs. It also has the upgraded capacity of 32 GB of on-board storage space for you to stream your precious photos, videos and files directly from your hard drive to the ML750 WXGA.

  • MIDI sound playback up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • Connections for front, center and surround channels
  • Compatible with most Fostex boxes and cable, so you don’t need to buy separate cables to get your gear (except the case)
  • Able to connect directly to a computer, with the optional Pro Touch Sync Cable
  • Adjustable between 56, 81 or 94dB in accordance with factory volume levels
  • Covering such factors as: power supply issues, wrong number of speakers and speaker level adjustments
  • RGB Glow -: Effects/Floor 8, Effects/Tint 2 – LED Center, Mains (White), Highs/Drums
  • Cineware, Mains/On-Off switch, toggle volume, volume control switch and mic mute switch, All metal construction
  • Differential AESD, Dynamic calibration, ESD filter
  • 3 Ultra Low Gain (ULG) Pre-emphasis channels for high-quality signals with no saturation
  • UV filtering for both Left/Right and in front of a computer system
  • Max Input: AUX Input (6.5mm)
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