Bls Certification For Healthcare Providers

Many children aspire to become a doctor or a nurse as they grow up. It is one of the most sought-after professions and offers many challenging opportunities. Healthcare providers work directly on the human body and must keep themselves updated. In an accident, the first person to reach the scene is the Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The people on this team must know life-saving skills to help people in need. You must know Basic Life Support techniques when assisting a person in an emergency. You learn many things by default, but others need training and practice. This article discusses the methods of getting a BLS certification online. It also discusses its advantages for healthcare workers.

Need for BLS certification

Everyone must learn basic medical skills to help himself or a friend in need. These could include applying a bandage, checking for fever, or taping a minor wound. However, some medical emergencies require a detailed understanding of the situation. They also need complicated procedures to keep the patient stable till the EMT arrives. This situation is where the BLS course comes in. If you wish to know the importance of taking a BLS course, read below for the answer.

  1. Updating skills: New technology in the medical field opens new doors to save lives. A course will help you stay on top of things and perform better.
  2. Essential roles: Every healthcare provider wishes to take up challenges. Taking up a course in BLS will allow you to become the hero you always wanted to be.
  3. Fine-tune skills: You may learn CPR and AED basics through your regular course, but with practice and revision, you could put them to use. This course will brush your memory and help you understand the procedures better.
  4. Chances of promotion: Once you showcase your newly attained CPR skills, the upcoming promotion could fall into your kitty. People who upskill themselves are always appreciated and earn well for their efforts.
  5. New role: You should consider taking this course if you are looking to change into a more active role in the medical field. Taking up a BLS certification online could be the first step. It looks good on a resume and gives you an edge.

Ways to Get BLS certified

Once you have decided to go ahead with the BLS course, there are many ways to get certified. Taking the right course will make you climb the corporate ladder fast. Below mentioned are some of the routes to follow.

  1. Speak to your supervisor and enquire about the availability of such courses. Taking them through the company gives you an advantage. It will help you understand where the certification could help you grow.
  2. You should consult your seniors who have this certification. Find out where they got it from and its prerequisites. You could even ask for references that could get you a discount.
  3. Search for institutes in your area that provide the course and take their classes. This task will need you to give extra hours and could be tedious.
  4. The most convenient way is to appear for a BLS certification online. You can appear for the exam from the house without fixed timings. Some well-known institutions also have an online presence and offer accredited courses.

Benefits of online BLS training

What can be better than upskilling yourself for a new job? Taking up a new course. Yes! Taking online classes makes life easy and grants you a legitimate certification. Read on for some more benefits of taking the BLS certification online.

  1. Self-paced: Online courses do not have a fixed class schedule. It allows you to study at any time of the day or night as per your convenience.
  2. Accredited: People usually associate online courses with fraud, but many companies have the American Heart Association to vouch for them. Always take a course that comes with legitimate certifications. It helps you save time and money.
  3. Accessible: To take an online course, you only need a laptop or mobile and an internet connection. There is no need to travel across town to reach the institute that delivers the online training.
  4. Less-expensive: Online courses are cost-effective. They do not require you to spend money on transport or gas. You can sit at a friend’s house and take the course. You also save on the extra money spent on meals and snacks.
  5. Virtual certification: Online courses provide you with a virtual and physical certificate. You can provide your virtual certificate and help someone in need.

Earn your BLS certification today!

Once you establish the need to take up the BLS certification online, the next step involves studying the course material. An online course gives you some resources as a part of the module. Many organizations also provide you with unlimited reading material and case studies. These case studies help you in undertaking the procedures required in different situations. Take your time to review the material thoroughly. There is always an exam at the end of the course.

It is mandatory to complete the exam to earn the final certificate. You can go through previous sample papers to understand the pattern of the question paper. Some hybrid courses even take a practical examination at the end of the course. You earn a certificate, and the courses also give you credits. Most institutions also give you a physical card. The certifications have a validity of two years. Post this time; you must prepare for the examination.


A BLS certification helps you upskill as a healthcare provider. You can gain an edge at your workplace. But most of all, it gives you the knowledge to save someone’s life. The course teaches you basics like the Heimlich maneuver and CPR. These procedures make you more than a bystander. Selecting the best online course could get tricky. It is because of the many options available online. The American HeathCare Academy has the most creatively designed curriculum for this course. Their course is entirely online and gives you all the benefits. Log onto the AHCA website today and register for the BLS certification online for more details.

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