Blue Light Blocking Glasses – 2024 Review

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We’ve had an interesting conversation about the blue light blocking glasses in recent months. We had a discussion with a Walmart associate and she was happy to tell us about them. The first thing we know of is that it is not a new product by Amazon. This may be surprising, but this is not true.

In actual Amazon reviews and online videos we have had, this product appears to be genuine but it does not appear to be as widespread as some people seem to think. Indeed we did notice when we first saw this new item, the picture showed these glasses with blue light blockers on the frames. Then at the beginning of October updated their listing on the glasses as being available in retail stores.

It now seems to appear that the items are indeed available to retailers and it appears to be a very limited release. Some examples are available but apparently only in the four sizes specified by Amazon. We’ve seen these glasses as standard so perhaps the blue light blocking ones are just part of a retailer’s limited offer.

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Perhaps the first place where we found the actual Amazon reviews. In one review a customer claimed to have bought the “latest model” (he did say he had the one pictured in the review) and he said he liked it. He mentioned that the glasses appeared to be a tad heavy. However, we were hoping to get a bit lighter weight and this was too light for us.

When we asked him about this, he indicated that the glasses are of high quality and that it was made to meet the high standards of Amazon. One further note is that he also stated that they were a little expensive, however we were not sure what the price was so we wondered if they were up to Amazon’s guidelines or not.

There are other Amazon reviews, which are not the product reviews but rather consumer reviews. It seems to be a matter of using the product as intended by Amazon. So when we ask the employees if the glasses have been manufactured by Amazon we are told that they are made by Amazon.

We wanted to look at some of the comments from those who have actually used the glasses and noted their opinions. We’ve listed below some of the comments that we have seen. These are observations from real users as opposed to those we’ve seen advertised on TV.

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We are not sure what the actual reason is for people wanting to purchase these glasses but there are a number of comments which seem to suggest that the glasses may help reduce blue light from the computer screen as well as from the TV. Some of the comments mention the lesser glare of the glasses and the fact that the glasses are more comfortable.

It is possible that the glasses have been manufactured by Amazon or that they are some sort of specialized eyewear. It is also possible that there are newer versions of the glasses available by Amazon. We’re sure that the product will continue to grow in popularity and it may even become a popular item in the future.

We are sure that Blue Light Blocking Glasses will continue to be manufactured in larger sizes than the four shown in Amazon’s reviews and, if they ever become available at, the glasses should be just as good as the Amazon version. It seems to us that these glasses may end up being more expensive, but it may be that Amazon’s price reflects the durability of the glasses versus another type of eye wear.

We’re very pleased to see the next generation of eyewear coming to light from Amazon. You can now buy eyewear online that is not just clear but also has the technology to reduce glare and improve your vision as well.

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