9 Best Car Diagnostic Tools for DIYers 

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Often some car owners make for the best DIYers. It might be because of the love they have for their car and often the energy to ensure that it is kept in top condition at all times. If you are a person who wishes to fix most issues of your car, you would need a specific set of tools for the same.

It is because understanding specific problems of your car can be difficult without these tools. So, we have listed some of the top tools you should have to ensure that you become a successful DIYer for your car fixes, needs, and maintenance.

Top 9 Car Diagnostic Tools for DIYers

Companies like Originaldiag.com offer you some of the best DIY tools that you can purchase and use for your car. These tools would also make you a better DIYer to fix issues with your vehicle. We look at the best car diagnostic tools you should have as a DIYer.

1. All-In-One Tool Box

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One of the most important things you can have as a DIYer is an all-in-one toolbox. With different spanners, adjustable wrenches, screwdriver, star screwdriver, and Allen keys, you can equip yourself to handle all DIY tasks and repairs.

Finding the right toolbox for a specific car model and type is crucial. It depends on the types of nuts, screws, and bolts that your manufacturer has used in your car. Many manufacturers have toolboxes designed for specific car models, and you can buy them.

2. Proper Lights

Instead of using your torch, you can invest in a proper light (that can be connected to your car battery). Sometimes, alight with a long wire help to check under the hood of your car and other places not exposed to light.

It can often be under the car, to the sides, and in other places where it is difficult for direct light to reach. So, alight with a protective outer metal or mesh can be a useful one to purchase to ensure that you can carry your DIY tasks even without an external light source.

3. Telescopic Mirror

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Looking under the hood is always not an easy task in difficult-to-reach places. It is due to the compressed nature of modern car designs. They tend to pack more parts under the hood than ever before.

So, looking at hard-to-see places can be made easy with a telescopic mirror. You can also use it to look under the chassis or body of the car, if necessary, without dirtying your clothes. It also helps you identify the issue with ease and handle it properly.

4. Mechanic’s Steth

Usually, the mechanic’s stethoscope is designed to be a wired one. However, with advanced technology, there are many wireless options you can choose from. It is a specific tool that you can use to identify rattles or noises that are unusual.

The stethoscope would help you narrow down the origin or the source of the sound. It would make it easier to fix it once you have identified the source. Some of the advanced versions of these can also be used while the car is on the move.

5. Circuit Tester Lights

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In terms of technology, it is not as advanced as some of the DIY tools that you may have or need. You can connect any circuit with this to see if the light illuminates or not. Illumination of the light means that circuit is in good condition.

This traditional machine is often used to identify broken circuits and helps with changing wires. It would not have to essentially be a costly investment as a cheaper option would work as well as a costlier one in most cases.

6. Fuel Pressure Meter/Gauge

Loss in performance of your car can often be due to a drop in the pressure of fuel injected into the engine. A fuel leak may cost you more consumption and can also end up being very dangerous with gas leaking.

Apart from these, blockage and debris collected on fuel lines and also a bend in the fuel line can cause a pressure drop. With this meter, you can identify if the engine is getting the required fuel pressure to be at its optimal performance at all times.

7. Tire Inflator & Gauge

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You can buy a complete tire care kit to ensure that all tire needs are taken care of in due time. A portable inflator and gauge can be all you need to take care of every need of the five tires in your car.

Maintaining ideal tire pressures would reduce the chances of a flat tire. It would also provide a better grip for your car, even in slippery conditions. Another advantage that people often forget is the added mileage that can come with the right tire pressure.

8. No-Contact Thermometer

An engine running for a few minutes can end up heating up faster than you had expected. Sometimes this makes it hard to reach places to be checked while the engine is either running or has just stopped.

Touching them by hand can cause severe burns and injuries, and you have to avoid it. Using this no-contact thermometer, you can check these places without having to risk your limb at all. It can help you find if certain parts overheat while the engine is running.

9. Scan Tool or Code Reader

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This state-of-the-art technology tool is a must-have for all DIYers. The scan tool is designed for identifying specific running parts in your car. Diagnostic tools such as these, are often used by professionals to recognize specific issues with your vehicle.

Code readers can be ideal for lower-end car models that do not require a scan tool. However, either of these tools is used by DIYers or professionals to pinpoint the exact nature of the trouble your car has under the hood or somewhere else.


As a DIYer, you must know your car and the tools you might want to use. Understanding your limits in terms of finding fixes or repairing them would help you select the tools you need.

Sometimes, it might be a better idea to seek the help of professionals for specific fixes or repairs. However, if you are a confident DIYer, these are wise investments you can make and go beyond these tools if necessary.

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