Are Cashews Better Roasted or Raw – 2024 Guide


Reaching the right nutritive value with every snack can be a challenge. We usually have no time for cooking, and we get to eat whatever is accessible at the moment. For that reason, snacks are among the most used food products.

However, as a person who is conscious about your health, you know how important it is to consume balanced macronutrients. With that, whenever you feel a craving, you still get a snack, however, instead of looking at unhealthy options, nuts can be the right decision.

Even though they are not nuts, cashews are still a great product with a high nutritive value. In addition, they are extremely tasty so they will surely become one of your go-to craving beaters. The only thing left to determine is are they better roasted or raw, which is what we’ll answer in this article.

The difference between roasted and raw

When the cashews are being roasted, they are dehydrated from all the water they contain. This makes them slightly lighter, which makes them contain more calories per weight. The fats get also increased, so you should track the amounts you consume.

Instead of roasted cashews, the raw ones do not go through the dehydration process. However, they are not completely raw as well. To prevent diseases and microorganisms from spreading and poisoning the person eating them, they are getting pasteurized.

Good and bad sides of roasted cashews

The biggest pro of the roasted cashews is that they taste fantastic. They are crunchier, and salty which makes them extremely delicious. In addition, they are easily digestible which makes them great for everyone.


Noix cajou have gone to an extent and made a variety of roasted cashew products with different flavors. This is great since you can enjoy the nutritive benefits with different gustatory sensations.

The bad sides are generally in the large fat levels that should be tracked. Even though they are mostly made of high-density lipids, you should not exaggerate.

Good a bad sides of raw cashews

Preservation of most nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants is the main feature of the raw option. In addition, they have fewer calories which makes them a better dieting option. In addition, they have less salt, which makes them suitable for people with hypertension.

However, they are not as tasty as the roasted ones and do not have the crunch if that is up to your preferences. In addition, the pasteurization method may be harmful if you eat cashews in large quantities. Lastly, they are more difficult to digest, so bloating is not excluded.


We cannot say whether cashews are better roasted or raw since they are great in any form. This debate is completely personal depending on what you enjoy more, and how you plan on consuming them.

For example, for a regular snack, you should go for the roasted option. But, if you plan on making a milk alternative, raw cashews are the product for you. With that being said, be sure to try out multiple options and recipes, and decide which option you prefer by yourself.

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