Do CCTV Systems Work Without the Internet


Numerous individuals often think about upgrading their home security systems by installing CCTV, but a vast majority of them backs off from the idea upon realizing there are so many details to pay attention to in order for the security upgrade to make sense. Besides choosing specific camera types and figuring out where they would perform best, security aficionados want to know how CCTV systems communicate with paired devices and whether they can work without the internet. Fortunately, the answers to your dilemmas are contained within the lines below so all you should do to get them is to read them carefully. Thus, take your time and find out whether an internet-free household can power up a CCTV system.

The Internet


Contemporary technological breakthroughs have bestowed us with numerous advancements, and it would be contrary to the truth not to emphasize the role the internet played in the process. Now, the internet has a lot to do with CCTV systems, and it potentiates various benefits one could not enjoy if their security cameras were not online.

Even though being connected to the world wide web is considered a standard practice nowadays, non-negligible number of individuals still functions without following the majority. Namely, some of them do it on purpose, while others fail to enjoy the benefits both due to economical and practical reasons. Fortunately, considering they own CCTV systems, they can rest assured their surveillance will function flawlessly, at least when standard features are concerned.



As we have mentioned earlier, the internet is not crucial for CCTV system functionality, but it allows the one in control of the system to utilize numerous benefits that would otherwise be unavailable. Actually, the internet enriched almost any aspect of life we can think of in a certain way, so it would be ridiculous not to expect it to play a vital role both in shaping and dictating novelties related to surveillance technologies.

Smartphones have become a part of the contemporary way of life since they accompany an average human being from the moment they open their eyes through the whole day, but they also put them to sleep. Surely, mobile devices would not be considered as essential as they are if there were not for numerous apps that facilitate everyday routines and make them a bit more interesting.

Why this is important for us to mention is because numerous CCTV system owners rely on their smart devices to provide them with the material their cameras caught on tape. Now, the ability of a surveillance camera to perform its duty is not conditioned by being online. The camera records and forwards the recorded material to a hard drive, which is physically attached to the source. Therefore, the basic functioning of a CCTV system is not conditioned by an internet connection.

On the other hand, the internet potentiates numerous benefits and enhances the system by allowing the owner to trace every movement recorded by cameras regardless of their current location. Depending on the app and the CCTV system in question, the online user can utilize additional features such as manipulating the camera’s position, switching between devices, reviewing previously recorded material, and other benefits you can learn more about at titusalarmandcctv.

Security Issues


The public has realized the potential dangers of being networked, regardless of your age, gender, race, or social status, so it comes as no wonder that children learn about the ways to protect themselves while spending time online since early school days. Therefore, it is of utter importance to emphasize that a CCTV system connected to the internet might be targeted by online criminals. Surely, we do not wish to talk about surveillance system hacking as frequent practice, but it is vital to answer why some homeowners avoid connecting their CCTV systems to the internet at all costs.

Storage Features


If you consider installing a CCTV system at your place, there are particular things you should pay additional attention to, especially if the dilemma about going online troubles you. One of the most important issues you should worry about is storage. In a nutshell, no matter how capacious a storage unit you might obtain, the chances you will need additional storage space at some point are major.

That could imply you either buy a new HD or switch to cloud storage and guess what! You cannot use the cloud or any similar features without the internet. Therefore, make sure you assess all of your options down to the detail and determine whether going online with your surveillance system is good for you, or you prefer doing things the old-fashioned way.



If you are wondering if a CCTV system can function wirelessly without the internet, we will gladly bring in the good news, since the answer is positive. What seems to be the aggravating circumstance with wireless cameras is not only they are not easy to get hold of, but they also cost significantly more than the alternative models of the same or similar recording characteristics.

Also, you should know that even though your CCTV system might not be attached to the internet, it is bound to an internal network you can use to attach a TV screen or a monitor in order to oversee what your cameras capture. You can also connect your PC with the CCTV system, as long as you follow the protocol and manually adjust the settings. Just remember to switch the online mode off if you wish to keep your CCTV system insulated from the potential cyber threats.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information have clarified how the CCTV system functions and how crucial to its performance is to have an online connection. It would be ridiculous to invest in a venture of this magnitude without clarifying details about connectivity, since not being able to potentiate elementary working conditions could compromise the whole surveillance concept.

Fortunately, the material listed above should have provided you with sufficient details about what you need in order to make it happen. Therefore, do what you must and protect your property.

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