Where Is The Cheapest Place To Buy A House In New Zealand

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Relocating is said to be one of the most stressful things that you can go through, and leaving your home and looking for another one can bring a lot of discomfort and panic. We all have to move at least once in our lives, and we need to make the right choices when choosing our next house, or our forever home. Most of us have limited budgets, but this does not mean that we cannot purchase a beautiful place and make it perfect. New Zealand is one of the best locations that you can live in, and the country is famous for its beautiful scenery, great properties, and friendly people.

The statistics have shown that almost 100 thousand people relocate here every year, and the real estate market is being affected by that. Properties rise in value, and sometimes, we have to spend more money than we initially thought. If you plan to relocate here, and if you are trying to do that within a specific budget, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you where is the cheapest place to buy a house in New Zealand, and how much is the cost of living here.

Cost of living

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The first thing we are going to talk about is the overall cost of living in New Zealand and how much would you need to make to be able to afford a nice property and good life. Compared to other countries, this place is pretty affordable, and you don’t have to make six figures if you want to have a comfortable life.

However, this is a remote location and even though there are things that are being produced here, most of the goods need to be imported and you need to pay additional fees for that.

Overall, some things are going to be cheaper than others, while some of the products are going to be far more expensive than you may be used to.

It is said that along with bills, rent, mortgages, and having a comfortable life, a family of four people would need to invest about four thousand dollars every month into their lifestyle.

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Note that if you are a tourist living in this country, chances are, you will have to pay a lot more during your stay. If you want to permanently move here, and if you are planning to stay at least several years in this location, the overall cost of living is going to decrease.

New Zealand is the place of opportunities, and even though in some places you may need to invest more to have a better lifestyle, you are not going to have any trouble finding a good job and making a lot of money. Some of the industries are prepared to pay you a lot of cash to be a part of them, and there are companies that spare no expenses when it comes to the happiness of their employees.

Ultimately, this country is the best of all worlds, and you won’t have any issues finding your new house in NZ. There are some areas that are cheaper than others, and no matter what your budget is, you will be able to find a good deal.

Most affordable locations

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If you are looking for a place where you can settle without digging too deep in your pocket, you should know that there are a lot of cities where you could find beautiful properties. Depending on your needs and the size of the home, some places are going to be cheaper than others, but one thing is for sure, all of them are going to make you happy.

Whanganui is said to be one of the best areas to move in if you are on a tight budget, and this location is known for its historical beauty and breathtaking nature. You can easily find a comfortable house here for about 200 thousand dollars, and there are homes that are even cheaper. As you can see if you click here, with the right type of NZ house and land packages, you can find your forever home and move in as soon as you want.

Another place that is famous for its beauty and affordable rates is Invercargill. It is located on the South Island, and it is something that most people seek. It has everything that you may want, no matter if you are moving there with your family and want to have a nice, quiet life, or if you are looking for a more active lifestyle. A good place here is going to cost you about 170 thousand dollars, and a huge house is said to be less than 300 thousand dollars.

Compared to other locations, this area is probably the cheapest ones, and it will still give you a great life and a safe environment.

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Christchurch is another great option if you want to live in a beautiful place, but you don’t want to spend too much money. The real estate here is a bit more expensive than the places we’ve mentioned before, but it is still affordable. You would need less than 500 thousand dollars to purchase a great home, and you can even find some pretty amazing ones for less than that.

Other locations that might interest you include Dunedin, Rotorua, and Hamilton, and all of them are breathtaking, affordable, with developed infrastructure. When choosing the right location for your needs, consider that some of the cities are inbound while others are next to the water. Think about the things you expect from the right location for you, and pick a place that offers safety, stability, and good career opportunities.

As you can see you don’t have to have seven figures to buy your dream house in this country, and there are a lot of cities that will offer you beautiful properties for just a fraction of that sum. Make sure you collaborate with a good real estate agency and know that you should do this while thinking and not just following your heart. Waiting for the right place is worth it, and you should not give up if you don’t find it in the first week.

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