Is It Possible to Boost Your Intelligence by Training?


Intelligence defines who we are and with intelligence, we made things like particle accelerators, poetry or simple games like Pokémon.

Intelligence is a trait every person possesses and it can be higher and lower, depending on the individual and its ability to solve problems. Some even define intelligence as the ability to solve simple or complex problems and the success in that is translated to the amount of intelligence you have.

As you know we are not all born intelligent. Some have it less some have it more, the way to calculate how much you have it is by testing your IQ and you can do that at The amount of IQ an individual has depends on a few things. One is genetics and other things fall to how able you are in staying alive. The fight to survive is our primal instinct and thanks to it we learn as we grow things like creativity, strategizing, critical thinking and so on, which are all the things that form our IQ at the end.

As you can see intelligence is still hard to grasp in total and we are still finding out ways to weigh someone’s IQ. For most of us, few important questions had to be answered and the most common one of them was can you increase your IQ? Well, the article today will tell you about a few things you can do to increase your IQ and the results will be visible instantly.

1. Independent studies


Now having a fancy college degree certainly goes a long way, but what after that? You receive a certain amount of knowledge; the college has expanded your mind as much as it could during your time there and now you know some things you didn’t know before. The next thing is if you want to learn more, to get another education that will give you more knowledge but at a much higher price. What we suggest is to start thinking like knowledge is expensive and start using your fingers to get to more. Yes, you read right more knowledge and your mind expansion is right under your fingertips. You can open a browser and type anything you are interested in and you will get a hundred answers in just a second or two. There are numerous researches written by prominent people, you can find studies and books written by leading experts in their fields, and plenty more of that is everywhere on the internet, you just have to put in some work.

2. Read outside your scope of interest


What is important to know here is that you don’t need to focus only on fiction or non-fiction materials, you could also learn outside your industry. Read about anything you find interesting to broaden the scope of your brain, increase its activity to the max and let it process new information even faster. You can always opt for a read about human evolution, space travel or even a topic that you would never go for differently. You have to be curious about everything and you will make your brain work harder when processing all the information, both the ones closest to you and those that aren’t. Biographies of great inventors are always an interesting read and they will certainly give you an insight into other great people’s minds. This will not only improve and expand your knowledge and increase your IQ it will also make you a better conversationalist that always has an appropriate topic for discussion.

3. Real-world brain exercises


If you start testing your brain right now with things like recall games and exercises, figuring out problems without tech, picking up a new hobby you will see your brain developing for better daily. These are good for your mind because these things stimulate and boost your brain, and the best activities are those tied to real-world problems that are also a bit challenging. After you master one of these brain activities move to another while also upping the difficulty if possible. According to some research, the best way to cognitive improvement is to start doing activities you are worst in. This also means you have to strive for challenges that will keep you thinking. If physical exercises are good for your body then mental exercises are excellent for your brain. It is a no-brainer.

4. Healthy body healthy mind


There is a correlation between a healthy physical shape and a healthy mind. If you only focus on brain exercises the other parts of your body will decline, and after some time you will lose will for more learning. It is all connected which is why you also have to have a healthy exercise routine, and if you want to spice it all up insert some problems into physical exercise that you can solve and make that a win-win situation for both the mind and the body. Mental games are helpful but they have to be in combination with other activities to help boost your brain muscles faster. With more physical activity you will better the blood flow to your brain which is very important if you want to boost your intelligence. Physical training also helps trigger a surge of special proteins that can help stimulate the growth of neural connections in your brain.

5. Master a new language


In our society language is everything and we use language to express ideas, concepts, philosophies, feelings, tell stories and so on. Without language we would never evolve into the global force we are today. This is why understanding a language is a key component of our intellectual abilities. Those who understand at least one or more languages excel both socially and intellectually. According to a study from 2012 done by the Journal of Neural

Image, researchers found that bilingual adults have a huge neurological advantage over adults who speak only one language. Learning a new language challenges a specific region of the brain regularly, forcing those regions to expand. The two most important regions are Hippocampus controlling memory and learning and the Frontal Lobe which moderates problem-solving and language comprehensions. Learning a new language will result in a higher concentration of grey matter in both of the mentioned brain regions and it directly translates into a lot more complex cognitive e development and that translates into an IQ boost.

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