12 Things To Check Before Buying A Home In Javea Spain

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Are you looking for your next big property? If so, you will want to read this article till the very end. Guys or girls who are looking for their next home in Spain, or even more specifically in Javea, should read through our tips & tricks in the article down below. Here is how we can make your shopping experience even more practical, easy, as well as fast.

12 things to check before buying a home in Javea Spain

1. You should have a vacation or a quick little getaway at first

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We highly recommend that you visit Spain before you end up purchasing any type of property, especially in the Javea area. You should have a quick little getaway with your friends and family, just to test the waters and see what you’re working with. Enjoy a 5-7 day trip and see if this place is something that fully wins you over before you make a huge investment.

2. Ask around & book a trip

You should ask around and see what some other companies/brands have to offer. You can book yourself a tour and talk with the locals. Gather all the information that you need when it comes to its prices, climate, standards, as well as work hours, schools, markets, etc. The more the merrier rule does apply in this case, since you’d want to have all your questions answered, right?

3. The right real estate agent

Make sure that you find someone who is going to listen to you & your needs. Not every real estate agent is as good or capable of giving you what you deserve/want. The higher your wish list is, the trickier it can be to find someone who is going to give you the best of both worlds. Talk about your preference & your wish list. How many bedrooms do you want, what is your maximum budget, etc.

4. Go for someone who has experience

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If you’re going to get the right level of help from your real estate agent, make sure that you book someone who has been in this business for quite some time. Ask for their reference and their portfolio, just to make sure that you’re overall satisfied with their level of work and commitment.

5. Watch out for the no-open bid log

It is not common to log the bids in Spain, unfortunately. This means that you can’t know for sure or for certain if there is an actual live proposal from the bank. This is why it is a good idea to start low and see where this takes you.

6. Do your research – is there any dept?

You will want to get the right documents for your home, and you should look into its history. Remember that in Spain the debt follows the property and not the seller. This means that any type of unpaid taxes and fees will go over to you, and you will have to repay them. Gather all the needed paperwork and receipt that date back to two years and be certain about your next move.

7. Get a professional opinion

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Before the purchase of property in Javea, make sure that the property is appraised by a professional. This can be a pricey assessment that you can pay anywhere from 300-600 Euro, but it is a good deal and proper investment since you’re making an assessment over your home, a property that you’re about to own for years to come! They will inspect it and give you the final price point that you will be capable of negotiating with your seller.

8. Ask for building plans

Ask your real estate agent to print the building plans for the area where you plan on living or buying the property in Javea. This way you will talk about the land, any specific landmarks that are nearby, museums, as well as ethnicity that lives in this area. See how everything falls into place, and if it suits you. If it meets your criteria and goes well with your character, you are one step closer to making your purchase.

10. Do not rush the process

Examine what is in the area where you want to live in and be patient. See if a certain individual can meet your goals and your wishlist. People who plan on living there with their kids should ask for some quieter places & communities. If you are a party person you wouldn’t mind living in a busy part of the city, right?

11. What & where

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Not a lot of people are aware of their options when it comes to their life in Javea. Ask yourself, are you looking for a villa, flat, home, a Finca, an apartment, or a newly built one? Do you want to move here permanently, or is this your cute little holiday home? Make sure that you answer all of these questions truthfully and with your spouse/family before you begin the purchase.

12. Enjoy & be careful with your selection process

Last, but not least, it is also important for you to enjoy this process, and embrace all of its perks and positive sides. It is important to have a good time, whether if your shopping is done online or in person. Enjoy a wider range of properties in the region, look at some fancy pictures, and slowly yet with a clear mind and no judgment, browse through your top properties and move onto the next step.

Where to get help when it comes to your properties in Javea?

If you need some help & guidance when it comes to your homes & properties you will want to check out javeanews.co.uk. Over there, you can browse through loads of different articles and local news, real estate options, as well as lifestyle & local sport everyday news. Browse through their gorgeous & recommended villas, apartments, as well as mansions with pools that are more than breathtaking!

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