What Documents Do You Need To Buy A House In Spain – 2024 Guide

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The housing market in Spain is dynamic. That is true for both international investors and expats who wish to relocate their families to the country.

The property market in Spain is beginning to recover after more than a year of the global COVID pandemic.

While prices remain low and demand is expected to rise, now is the ideal moment to invest in properties set in brighter climates.

If you are a citizen or resident of Spain, you may be aware of the various procedures for purchasing a home.

You might not know everything there, so it’s a good idea to do some research and learn the dos and don’ts.

However, it can get complicated if you’re a foreigner, but it should be a relaxing sail with the correct guide nevertheless.

This article is a complete guide of documents you need to purchase a home in Spain.

For Foreigners Who Want To Purchase Property In Spain

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Spain, now is a good time to do so because prices are dropping. It’s no surprise that many foreigners are drawn to Spanish real estate, given the country’s high quality of life, incredible culture, diversity, and delectable cuisine. Foreigners account for roughly 20% of Spain’s real estate market buyers.

Foreigners who want to buy a home in Spain must have the following documents:

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Foreigners Identification Number (Number of Extranjeros Identification): It is one of the most critical documents to possess when purchasing a home in Spain. To do so, bring your original passport and a copy. In addition, you need the original and two copies of the application form. Collect all these papers and bring them to the Police Commissariat. You’ll also need to fill out the related paperwork and submit it to any local bank to pay the modest cost. These can be found on the internet and downloaded.

  • Passport: A passport is a document that verifies your identity and nationality
  • Spanish Bank Account: It is not necessary to open a Spanish bank account, but it is highly suggested because it will make it easier to pay utility bills and taxes (all you need is your DNI or NIE, address, profession, email, phone number, and the three most recent wage slips or tax declaration).
    If the buyer is a Spaniard, only their DNI is required.
  • Primary Sales Contract: The bare minimum paperwork required for a sales contract includes:
    The deed of sale. It is the original document that validates the vendors’ purchase of the property.
    The registry paperwork. You can obtain it in person at the Property Registry Office in the location where the property is registered or apply online. This document includes a description of the property, superficial meters, exact location, property borders, year of construction, and owner information, among other things.
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  • Receipt of the most current rates bill: You must obtain it carefully as it is paid once every year.
  • Last electricity and water bill: It’s a good idea to double-check that the vendor is current on payments such as electricity, water, gas, and so on. To do so, he’ll need to bring the necessary documents.
    The energy efficiency certificate is a document that offers objective information about the property’s energy characteristics.
  • Catastro: Using the cadastral reference, you can search where the property is located, the built area, usage, graphical representation, and cadastral value on the internet.
    This information must match what is displayed on the property.
  • DAFO: This is a certificate that confirms the property’s status and clears it with no issues with the house or its location.
  • Certificate of community fees: If the property is a terraced house or an enclosed area such as urbanization or an apartment with community fees, it will be necessary to credit the annual cost and obtain a certificate from the community proving that the payments are current.
    If you have any queries related to purchasing a home in Spain or need to buy a home in Spain, contact Javea.properties for expert advice.

General Documentation

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According to the LAU (urban legislation), when selling a property, the owner must present the following documentation:

If both the seller and buyer are Spaniards

The owner must provide all of the house’s documentation, including:

  • Title deed,
  • Registry document
  • Most recent utility bills
  • Latest energy efficiency certificate
  • Current rates bill
  • And if the property is on rural land, the DAFO, as well as the identification certificate.

The owner is a Spaniard, and the buyer is a foreigner.

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Even if the buyer is a foreigner, the owner must provide complete documentation as mentioned above. In addition, if the buyer is from another country, they must supply their NIE number and passport. Apart from this, it is advised that they have a Spanish bank account.

Both the seller and the buyer are foreign nationals.

The sole requirements for the buyer are the NIE number and a passport. In addition to standard housing documents, the owner will need to provide the relevant certificate if they are tax residents in Spain. It is also advised that they open a bank account in Spain.

The owner is a foreigner, and the buyer is a Spaniard.

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The foreign owner must obtain all the necessary property documents. Apart from this, they will also need to obtain relevant tax details and certificates. However, if the buyer is a Spaniard, the only paper they would require to attach is identity proof.


As you can see, there is nothing to be concerned about when purchasing a home in Spain as it does not necessitate a lot of paperwork. The procedure is made considerably more manageable if you buy from a trustworthy agency or involve a real estate agent to handle all the workload. It is advised that you hire a consultancy agency if purchasing a property in Spain to iron out all the nits and grits of the buying contract.

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