How To Choose The Right Bed Size For A Master Bedroom?

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The first thing when you get your own home is to truly make it your own. This means a lot of hard work in floor/layout changes and getting new furniture that will be your expression of you.

Many believe that it is relatively easy to furniture a home. You have to pick the stuff that you like, place them in order and that is it you are done! As you presume that is not how things usually go. Having a home set up with both taste and harmony is a difficult task. You can just pick out things you want and slapping them wherever you believe is right. There is a science to this and you have to consider a lot of things before you go out and buy stuff for your home.

The article today will tell you about one part of your home that throws a lot of people into problems. The master bedroom should be simple to shop for. It usually has a bed, a closet, and a few other things, but people tend to make the most mistakes on the one thing they shouldn’t – the bed size. There are a lot of places where you can get a perfect bed but few are good and affordable like

Now without further due let’s try and help you regarding the things you need to consider when buying a bed for the master bedroom.

1. Room size

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Now there are two options here – a large master bedroom or a small one. If you have a small room then you must consider the bed size as well. if you are having the closet in the same room then you have to get creative with the sizes and positions of the bed. Smaller to midsize beds work perfectly for rooms like this and they will provide you with enough room and comfort for a good and quality sleep. Make sure that the bed placement is fine and that it isn’t obstructing any walkways or windows. The larger rooms are a bit easier to do because, well, they are larger you have a lot more space to work with. Just make sure you don’t go immediately for the king-size bed if you don’t need to because with the biggest bed you easily lose a lot of space around that you could utilize in a better way. It is important to have the bed size that will satisfy all your needs, but also consider the possibility of having different things in the bedroom as well and just how much will all of them impact the space that is left over.

2. Bed material

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No matter the size of the room, or the bed, the material it is made of will greatly dictate the amount of space it will take. Some materials are bulkier while others are a lot slimmer and make everything look a lot smaller than it is. Wooden frames are generally bulkier and flashier. They are aiming to make your bed look like it a piece of artwork and wooden frame beds are usually a good choice if you have room to spare and if it will not conflict with all the other things that will surely make way to your bedroom. Wooden beds come into two types and the type you chose will dictate the size and the price. You can generally opt for premium hardwood or engineered wood. Both have upsides and downsides it will come to your taste and needs.

Metal frames and similar constructions can also be a choice you can go with if you still want to have a large bed that will at least look slimmer than wooden ones. These are not the most popular choices but depending on your preferences, your style, and the amount of space you have at your disposal this might be your option.

3. Storage needs

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Luckily for everyone, beds these days come with storage options of their own. There are those traditional ones that don’t have any storage space – you only get four legs and a head and feet board and a place to put the mattress on. You can utilize the bottom space if there is any and that is it. The newer construction beds now come with storage space of their own and they target the smaller bedrooms that will have issues with storage. To save you some space you can opt for a bed that has:
side drawers that are conveniently placed bellow the bed and open to the sides;
box storage is an option that is usually hidden below the mattress and here you can utilize the entire bottom of the bed if you need to;
hydraulic storage is an option that is there to make your life a bit easier but it is pretty much the same thing as box storage only with the hydraulic mechanism that makes the top of the baseboard easy to lift;
headboard storage is probably the smallest storage space from all of these but it is at least some kind of space you have at your disposal.

By thinking ahead and opting for any one of these self-storing beds you can reduce the number of armoires or drawers and free some space for other things you need to fit in the master bedroom.

The bottom line

After all, there is one thing you need to consider as well – the design, the comfort, the right thing for you. This last thing may be the crucial one because although you will try to tailor your bed toward the room and space you should look for what you and your body need for a night of good night sleep. If you are going with something that will only look good in the room and not take much space you may as well sleep on the floor. Sometimes you have to consider your needs and the needs of your body. Sometimes they will dictate something a bit bulky and not that good looking and you should heed to that, your body will thank you later.

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