5 Tips For Maintaining Persian And Oriental Rugs

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A rug brings comfort and a pleasing feel to the room. It changes the overall appearance of your room and adds a new beauty element to it. However, it needs maintenance and care otherwise, it will become grumpy and dirty. Rugs have threads that can bind dust and germs with them. So if you do not do proper cleaning, they will only act as a home for dirt.

However, using regular cleaning ways is also not an option for oriental and Persian rugs. They are unique in their formation and also are quite expensive. Therefore, if you randomly use any cleaner, you might cause damage to it. Furthermore, the timing is also important. Even if you use the right cleaning techniques but use them too often, it will be damaging.

If you are renovating your house or moving to a new place, it is only natural that you will think of changing the old style. And going for an oriental or Persian rug is one of the best options. You can order them online from persianandmodernrugs.com.

Even if you are not good at it and do not know the right measurements, persianandmodernrugs.com will send their men. They will take measurements and will guide you to the right choice. If you want it for more than one room, it will become a headache to choose the design. It must go well with the furniture and the paint of your room. So a professional helping hand will give you the best results.

Tips of maintenance

You are going to spend a hefty amount of money on buying a Persian rug. So it is better that you take care of it in the right way. This will let you enjoy the comfort for a long time. So here are some tips to help you out;

1. Regularly flip it

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If you are stepping and sitting on it, this will put pressure on certain spots. Everyone has a favorite sitting place and if that continues, you will observe some irregular patterns on your rug. Therefore, if you are using it daily, it is better that you flip it over once a month. This will allow the pressure points to relax a bit.

2. Entangling fringes

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Oriental rugs have a fringe design around the ends. They get entangled with each other and it is quite a common problem that most people face. But you cannot comb them out because it will only make the threads rub against each other. And this will result in damaging them. Instead of combing the fringes, you should better flip it over.

Fringes get entangled because of a certain movement. For example, you move from one end to the other and it’s in the same direction most of the time. Consequently, the fringes move in that particular direction and get entangled. So when you flip it over, it will get in a new direction. Thus, the fringes will move in the opposite direction. As a result of this, they will entangle naturally and without any effort.

3. Regular rotation

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Another important thing that you should take care of is the rotation of the rug. They are placed in a particular place and usually around chairs or sofas. So it is only natural that when people sit on the sofas, that side of the rug will be more pressured. Because everyone will put their feet at that point and stand there for a short interval.

Therefore, experts suggest that you should rotate the rug once a year but it depends upon the use. If you do not use that place too often, no need to do the regular fitting. For example, if you have placed the rug in your study where no one goes. The rug will remain in its original form. Because a single person cannot do much to it.

However, if you often receive guests and you have a rug in the sitting area, you should rotate it regularly. This means that once a month. Because apart from the guests, you will also be sitting there and this will put your rug under pressure. A regular rotation will only be a sigh of relief for the rug.

4. Keep it away from sunlight

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Sunlight is damaging for threads. Irrespective of the type of thread, sunlight only causes damage to it. Therefore, oriental and Persian rugs are not an exception. Giving a sunbath after the wash is different from having sunlight daily.

So if your rug is in front of the windows at such a point where there is direct sunlight, your rug won’t last long. And it is not just the threads that will get damage but also the color. Getting worn out will take some time and you won’t realize it over time. However, the instant impact will be on the colors.

Sunlight fades away the colors. So if your rug has to stay in front of the sunlight, it will gradually fade away.

Furthermore, there will be prominent spots on it. Because the area that faces intense sunlight will have faded colors while the other one will have better shade. So if you cannot change the position, you should try using window covers or curtains. Moreover, you should also rotate it regularly.

5. Use a vacuum cleaner

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Instead of washing the rug from detergents, you should better use a vacuum cleaner. So when you do the cleaning of your room, you should also use a vacuum cleaner for the rug. Because it has threads, it will absorb dirt and dust particles. Furthermore, you should also use the brush head of your vacuum. This will get rid of hairs and also brush out the threads.

Thus, you will have a clean and fresh rug after every cleaning. Furthermore, you should also be careful with the brush part of the vacuum. A rotating brush is deadly for fringes. So be careful with them. Instead, use a soft broom for the fringes.

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