5 Corporate Team Building Activities To Try in 2024

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Team building activities have proven to be an amazing way to improve your business through bringing team members closer together. The fact is that in today’s modern times we generally do not have time to stop and make a deeper connection with our colleagues, although this could be realistically observed, it could be beneficial on many different levels.

There is simply too much work to do and too little time. Because of this, many companies choose to have one day a year, semi-annually or even quarterly, to dedicate to socializing and connecting team members, so that everyone can relax a bit, make better contact and be able to continue working with more enthusiasm and energy.

However, if you want these actions to be successful, it is necessary to come up with some amazing activities that everyone will enjoy. Here are five corporate team building activities to try in 2024.

1. Egg drop

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The egg drop is definitely one of the favorite team-building activities in many companies. It requires creativity, ingenuity, and, of course, teamwork, to make the best egg career and to win. If you haven’t tried this game during team building in your company so far, we suggest you change it because it requires minimal effort to organize, and everyone will surely have a lot of fun.

The point of the game is to make the best egg carrier that will ensure that the egg does not break when the team throws it from a predefined height. The organizer of the building team should provide the teams with some items from which they will make carriers (which can be newspapers, string, tape, and others).

Assign them to make a carrier in a few minutes, followed by dropping an egg from a particular height. If no one’s egg is broken, the height should be higher in the next round. The winner is the team whose egg is not broken at the end. Of course, make sure to provide fun rewards to further motivate team members to make an effort.

2. Scavenger hunt

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Hey, who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? This game is very interesting, exciting and motivates team members to work together in order to find lost treasure. Of course, you don’t have to hide treasure – it can be random objects from the office, and if you really want to give an extra boost to players, then the reward can be a certain amount of money. It’s up to you to design the best scavenger hunt for your team!

This game can be played outdoors and indoors, so consider what your options are and how to organize this team building to provide maximum fun and unforgettable memories. Once you’ve hidden certain objects, it’s time to provide some additional instructions to help team members find them.

It is a good idea for a team to consist of three or five people, so as not to create too much crowd, but in order to ensure desired teamwork. Keep in mind that, once you organize such a fun team building, you can be sure that for months everyone in the company won’t stop talking about it.

3. Rent a party bus

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For all those who want to go one step further, we suggest renting a party bus and creating unforgettable memories during this team building. If your employees are already close enough and there are about 10 of them, then renting an entertainment vehicle can be an amazing way to ensure extra closeness and a crazy night to remember.

As part of these services, you get your driver who will drive you around the city, while you enjoy good music, food, drinks, laughter and endless jokes. Don’t miss this opportunity if you think it is the right thing for your team, because after it you will surely be able to enjoy the benefits that will be transferred to your workplace as well.

Of course, when choosing services like this, make sure you find the ones that provide high-quality vehicles and maximum comfort. You can read more about party bus renting at Titaniumpartybus.ca.

4. Play indoor games

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In case you want your team-building activities to take place within the company, you don’t need to worry: there are so many different games you can play and enjoy. There are always different board games that everyone loves and that you can never go wrong with. You choose whether you want it to be Scrabble, Don’t Get Angry, Twister, Words with Friends, or something else.

Don’t forget to determine the prizes for the winning team, because that will be another additional motive, in addition to all the fun that is an integral part of these activities. Another game that is not a board game, but is equally fun are two truths and a lie

The game is played by each team telling two truths and one lie about a member of their team, and the others have to guess what the lie is. The team with the most correct answers wins. Sounds fun, and it really is!

5. Games that help team members figure out what they have in common

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Another game that is a frequent part of team building is 10 things in common. Of course, you don’t have to blindly stick to that number, you can choose whatever a number of things you want. The game is not competitive but aims for the team members to have fun and get closer to their colleagues by detecting things they have in common.

Define groups of two and give them five or ten minutes to talk. The goal is to detect as many things you have in common as possible during this time. In addition to having a good time, you will see how similar you are to some people, which you could not have imagined before.


Team building activities are an amazing way to bring your team members closer and make sure you have one day a year (or every few months) when you leave work aside, enjoy socializing, and then return to work with much more energy and enthusiasm.

There are so many different team-building activities to choose from for this fun day, and we’ve shared with you the 5 most interesting ones that have proven to be a real hit over time. Give them a go and enjoy the benefits they will bring to your employees and your business.

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