How to Create Infographics: Top 7 Tools for Your PC

Often, employees need to present large amounts of data in their research. The easiest way to do this is with infographics, putting complex information into a clear and understandable form. This can be a diagram, a scheme, a map, etc. Such forms can be helpful not only for work but also for your daily life. For example, you can create infographics for odds at

Undoubtedly, MS Excel is a powerful tool with a wide range of functions. But if you don’t have time to understand it, we recommend you pay attention to the following online services, which can be used to create not only static but also interactive infographics.



Infogram is an intuitive tool with which you can visualize an array of data. Having a fear of a blank sheet from time to time? Not a problem, the service will offer several kinds of ready-to-use templates, under which you can adapt your information. And the templates always look very aesthetically pleasing and neat: the color scheme, the choice of fonts, the composition of objects – all this has already been thought out.

With Infogram, you can create:

  • Infographics.
  • Reports.
  • Presentations.
  • Dashboards.
  • Maps.

The finished content can be exported into several formats. The picture will look equally good in both web and mobile versions (it adapts to the device’s screen).

You do not need to pay anything to access the main functions of Infogram.



Tableau is the best option for those who need to work with big data. You can upload information in many ways: from CSV files to Google Ads and Google Analytics data.

What’s interesting, the imported data can be in any language, while the user interface is represented by only 11 languages so far. The program may seem rather unclear and complicated, so the developers have provided a whole series of video tutorials.

Users can create entire color-coded data maps that make it much easier to absorb information than it would be if they were regular tables or charts.

Tableau Desktop is free for students and faculty worldwide. You only need to request a license to be accredited by an academic institution.



It’s a user-friendly tool for creating video graphics. Download After Effects templates (one of Adobe’s programs for creating animated graphics and visual effects), and then adapt to your data by removing or adding individual elements.

Flux VFX isn’t cheap: the starting price for a template with infographics is $24. Note that sometimes individual templates may fall into the free category.



StoryMapJS is a completely free online tool for creating timelines. The app will be especially useful for those who want to build a timeline of events, based on geolocation (integration with Google Maps is helpful). For example, you can use the timeline to tell the biography of a person, to describe an event to the exact minute, to present the essence of the book by chapters, etc.

The functionality of the tool is as simple and clear as possible. You can overlay images and HTML-coded blocks (YouTube video, Facebook post, SoundCloud audio track, etc.) on the timeline.

The result can be saved as a link or embedded into a site or a blog.

Source: users can choose from several hundred budget-friendly templates for creating infographics, namely:

  • Timelines.
  • Reports.
  • Comparisons.
  • Summaries, etc.

Elements of the template can be modified. For this purpose, there is a whole library of ready-made geometric shapes, lines and arrows, pointers and icons for creating flowcharts. Color palettes and fonts are customizable, too. If necessary, you can add your own images.



With BeFunky, you can edit photos, make collages, and create infographics. The service is paid: to upgrade your account, you need to spend $4.99. Choose a template, customize your theme with images and icons. Layout format, color palette, and fonts are personalized, too.

The result is a stylish and neat picture. The finished image is saved and exported, simple as that.



Datawrapper was originally designed specifically for embedding interactive maps and charts on news sites; it allowed journalists to deliver statistics in an easily digestible and more attractive form. Infographics created in Datawrapper are still in demand by magazines, such as The New York Times and Fortune.

The tool allows you to load data and then turn it into line and bar charts, bar graphs, histograms, chart charts, etc. with just a click of the mouse.

Why Choose Infographics

Ease of Perception

People tend to perceive information in a visual way. They love numbers, facts and statistics. And a well-designed combination of text, images, and other visual elements allows you to focus readers’ attention on the most important points.

Effective Information Presentation


Modern users rarely read the content of the page in its entirety. Visitors to the page are trying to extract maximum information in a short time. Structuring data in an infographic format is a good way to “pack” as much useful information in a compact form, making it possible to quickly review its audience.

“Viral” Potential

This term refers to the tendency of the audience to share certain content on their social media pages. Infographics belong to this type of content. It’s easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Brand Recognition

Creating infographics that include elements of a corporate identity (logo, website address, and brand name) is a powerful tool for building brand awareness. If you’re new to the market, creating and distributing quality infographics can save a big chunk of your marketing budget.

Demonstrating Expertise

Creating infographics seems easy until you actually try it. Not only do you have to gather a lot of information beforehand, but it also needs to be processed, sifted out unnecessary stuff, and then rendered in a beautiful way. This is one of the reasons why not everyone does it. Creating an infographic demonstrates your expertise in your industry.

If the result of your work is useful and attractive, people themselves will be interested in sharing such content with their friends and acquaintances.

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