Dating an Asian Girlfriend: What You Should Know About


Are you looking for someone who resembles the American dream girl or do you prefer finding love overseas? In today’s dating landscape, both options are viable – but only if you know what to look for.

For generations, Westerners have sought out foreign women to marry. According to some experts, a growing number of American men are seeking their future wives abroad instead of waiting until they get home. If you want to date outside America or Canada, you’ll likely face cultural differences and a language barrier.

If you’ve decided to pursue a relationship with an Asian woman from China, Japan, Korea or Vietnam, you should expect some unique challenges. For starters, there’s the language barrier. While most people can communicate in English, it will be difficult to connect with your partner if she doesn’t speak your native tongue. You may also find that her culture is different than yours. She might not understand why you’re so attached to your family traditions, or she could be uncomfortable with your religious beliefs.

We have created for you some things you should know if you are interested in dating an Asian woman:

She’s passionate about food and cooking


A typical Asian girls love to cook. If you ask them to go to a restaurant, they’ll probably refuse and tell you to stay home. Instead, they’d prefer to invite their friends over and spend time together eating food and chatting with each other. And since they’re always craving for food, they tend to eat a lot – especially at night after you’ve gone to sleep.

You may have already noticed that your girlfriend loves to cook but never really had much interest in trying different dishes before? That’s normal. But if you have ever experienced having dinner with your partner only to find that she eats everything on her plate while she barely tastes anything, then chances are high that you’re dating an Asian girl who likes to cook. Yes, she might look skinny but trust me, she’s actually quite full inside. To make sure she’s not starving you, you should start learning some basic recipes and preparing simple meals that you both could enjoy.

She’s a perfectionist

Whenever she tries something new, she takes it seriously. Even though she looks unassuming, she’ll spend hours practicing to accomplish something. Once she masters something, she’ll devote her whole attention to it until she becomes successful. She hates failures and mistakes. You probably saw her crying on almost every occasion whenever she fails at something. She might even punish herself by depriving herself of fun activities. But don’t worry because she’s not being selfish. At times, she ends up missing out on things so that others don’t suffer. She doesn’t mind helping others achieve success and she values honesty more than money.

She loves to travel


If you haven’t been traveling lately, you should definitely plan a trip with your girlfriend.

Not only does she love to explore new places, she also enjoys meeting new people. Her curiosity makes her eager to learn new cultures and languages. She’s also open-minded and willing to try new foods. As long as you take care of her needs, she’ll be happy to accompany you wherever you want to go.

She loves flirting

Most Asian girls are extremely flirtatious, and they won’t hesitate to show off their charms whenever possible. If you spot a sexy Asian gal sitting alone at a bar, strike up a conversation with her. You’ll notice that most of them are friendly and open to chatting with strangers, simply because they believe that anyone could potentially become their boyfriend. So when you approach the table, be sure to smile warmly and greet her. Once you reach the point where you feel comfortable enough to pull out your phone to send her a message, make sure to add that little bit of humor that makes your messages stand out.

Don’t worry about sounding silly; she’ll actually appreciate it. If you want to be sure that they are really flirtatious, we recommend you to be in the company of Thai Escorts. You will be completely surprised by their behavior and charismatic character. And of course you will have an amazing time with them.

Loves a man who is strong-willed


Asian girls want a guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it! A lot of Asian women have had bad experiences with guys who were weak or didn’t take charge. If she dates you, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got her respect. You won’t get anywhere with any woman unless you’re secure enough in yourself to hold your own place at the table. Showing confidence and being assertive is attractive to any woman.

Loves a good sense of humor

A lot of people think Asians only talk about work, family, and business, but when you open up to them and tell jokes, they really connect with you. There are many different types of comedy out there, so find yours and use it! Humor helps break down barriers between people. When you use your unique perspective, your communication skills, and your wit and creativity, you’ll gain the attention and appreciation of any woman.

Appreciate a hard worker


Asians are pretty smart, but they still value hard workers. In fact, they often prefer a man who works long hours over a lazy slacker. An Asian woman doesn’t mind sacrificing time with her friends in order to spend quality time with her significant other. She appreciates men who work hard, stay focused, and never stop working towards his goals.

They take pride in looking after themselves

In modern society, it seems like girls are always trying to lose weight, or at least trim back those extra pounds. But these aren’t the kind of girls you should be worrying about losing weight. The real challenge lies in finding someone who takes pride in maintaining a slim figure, someone who looks good even when wearing baggy clothes or sporting bags under her eyes.

If you’re interested in dating an Asian girl, then you can expect to meet plenty of challenges along the way. But if you’re willing to put in some effort, you’ll soon discover that this relationship will be one of the best things that ever happened to you.

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