Top 10 Sex Positions for Tall Men and Short Women

Top 10 Sex Positions for Tall Men and Short Women

Sexual intimacy is a beautiful aspect of a relationship, but sometimes height differences can create challenges for couples in finding positions that are comfortable and satisfying. Today we’re going to take you through our top 10 favorite sex positions for couples with a height difference.

I’m only four foot nine and he’s five foot nine so we have a big gap in height. So, these are the positions that we’ve found work really well for us, and we really hope you enjoy. If you have an Auxfun sex machine that is easy to adjust height and angle, you can try any positions.

Table Top

Table Top

Start by sitting at the edge of a sofa, ensuring you have ample pillows for back support as you’ll lean back during this intimate moment. Gently, your partner assists you in reclining, raising your legs over his shoulders.

What makes this position remarkable is that the partner can remain standing even if there’s a significant height difference. It’s an incredibly enjoyable and sensual position, offering deep penetration, an amazing sensation, and a fantastic view for both partners. It’s truly an awesome experience.


Now, onto the next position, both of you will be seated. Ask your partner to open his legs slightly as you move closer, straddling them and wrapping your legs around while locking ankles for comfort.

This position particularly suits shorter women, offering an intimate and comfortable stance. With your legs positioned behind and enhanced control over movements, it’s both enjoyable and delightful.

Little Dipper

Little Dipper

For this position, start with him lying down on the couch or bed, ensuring a flat surface. Stand up and position yourself, placing one leg on each side. Slide into position comfortably, leaning back and using his ankles for support.

This stance is particularly beneficial for smaller women, allowing comfortable positioning and easy access to hold onto his ankles for added support.

Pomeranian Style

Now, onto the classic doggy-style position. Get on all fours, shifting back towards your partner. This position works well, especially for smaller partners, aligning hips for a comfortable connection.

In cases of height differences, a gentle assist can be helpful. Your partner can support by lifting or adjusting your hips for a perfect alignment. It’s an enjoyable and engaging position.


Spoon - sex position

Alright, for this one, it’s a sideways spooning position, similar to a sideways missionary. Find a comfortable spot, whether on a bed or couch. Lean together in the same direction, with me scooting back against him.

This position offers a cozy togetherness, allowing for mutual comfort. He can gently hold your leg, providing pleasure, or you can explore self-pleasure. It’s incredibly enjoyable, providing comfort and an opportunity for both partners to engage in pleasurable activities. It’s an incredibly fun and comfortable position, indeed.


This position is great, especially for partners of shorter stature, as you may find standing during sex challenging. While I may not be able to stand, my partner can easily do so by using the edge of a couch or countertop for support.

I would sit comfortably on it and he would join from behind. This is an incredible pose for women of short stature because it combines standing on behalf of your partner with an exciting experience.

Squatty Potty

Okay, for this position, grab a chair. Once seated comfortably, invite your partner to approach and straddle his legs over yours. This stance suits smaller partners well, offering a comfortable seated position with added support from the chair’s back.

It’s incredibly enjoyable. Moreover, the proximity enables deeper penetration, enhancing the closeness and control. You can hold onto the chair’s back for stability and enjoy a playful bounce – it’s a lot of fun!

Double Chair

Alright, for this next one, grab two chairs. This one’s fantastic; it will engage your muscles, but the effort pays off. Holding onto the chair backs is crucial—it provides leverage and prevents your thighs from feeling too strained.

This position, with your feet planted, offers an incredible experience for both. The rhythmic motion is particularly enjoyable for the person moving up and down, even though it can be tiring. Your partner can lend a hand for some extra support.

Champagne Room

Champagne Room -sex position

Alright, for this next position, he’ll be comforttably seated on a couch or chair, while you stand in front of him. It’s a relaxing stance for your partner as they don’t have to exert much effort.

You can stabilize yourself by holding onto his knees and enjoy a gentle rocking motion. This position works well for smaller frames; you can comfortably sit on top and have an enjoyable time together.

Side Straddle

Okay, folks, for this next position, it’s quite remarkable but a tad challenging to initiate. However, once you’re in, it’s absolutely worth it. Start with your partner in a seated position, legs extended. Then, approach and position yourself with both legs between his, wrapping around gently.

As you adjust, each of your legs settles on either side of one of his legs. This position offers exceptional comfort and an incredibly sensual experience. It allows for a bit of grinding against his leg, creating a pleasurable sensation for both. Overall, it’s a super sexy position that feels amazing for everyone involved.

Alright, everyone, these are fantastic! Thank you so much for reading. We had a blast and hope you’ve gained new insights to try at home in your bedroom or living room.

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