A Man’s Comprehensive Guide on Tips to Being Happily Submissive in Bed (2024)

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Roleplaying is an important part of sex that helps youngsters explore their sexual fantasies. The role of being submissive or dominant in bed excites many people these days. In many instances, the role of being a sub in bed is a man’s secret desire.

So, if you fall under the same category of men who want to see their partners take the lead, this post is a must-read.

Are You A ‘Sub’? Read These Tips to Enhance Your Bedroom Scenes

Submissive Man
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Submissive sex is a type of sexual intercourse where two people have sex by indulging in a roleplaying session. In it, one plays the role of a dominant, and the other remains submissive.

Also termed as the sub, a submissive partner is someone who listens to the other partner and asks before pleasuring them in one way or the other.

If you like to play the role of submissive in your sexual encounter, here’s a list of tips you need to keep in mind.

Understand the Concept First

Being submissive to your partner in the bedroom is not something to learn. When a man is sexually submissive in bed, he is willingly allowing his partner to take the lead. It’s what turns him on and makes him happy.

Submission and dominance play a huge role in sexual relationships. So, before entering the submissive or dominant relationship, you need first to understand the role.

While a dominant partner controls and guides the other, the submissive partner gives control to the other.

Unlike other BDSM relationships, even D/s relationships include clear communication and each partner’s consent. Both partners should maintain respect for each other while enjoying/delivering pleasure in this type of relationship.

Make Sure Your Partner Helps You with the Aftercare

Aftercare is an important consideration in any submissive erotic encounter as it ensures good mental health for both individuals. Participating in BDSM roles and activities, especially in the submissive role, includes physical as well as mental satisfaction.

Your partner should help you return to normal life after the sexual session. Not to forget, physical comforts, such as cuddling, warm touches, and emotional support, are important things to consider.

Such an approach helps mitigate your emotional suffering and enhances the trust between couples. So, it improves mutual understanding in your intimate relationship.

Bring Out the Naughtiness from Within

Male Submissiveness
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The BDSM community describes a submissive person as the “bratty sub,” someone who loves being a little playful in bed. You may experiment with it to figure out your preferences if you wish to oppose some of the orders given by your dominant partner.

It would be a great idea to have communication with your partner after a bratty session to ensure they understand your interests.

The traditional concept of a submissive individual includes complete obedience to the orders given by the dominating partner. However, there are multiple ways for submissives and dominants to communicate with one another and please each other accordingly.

Communicate about Your Desires before Your Indulge in One Such Act

The first step to a healthy submissive or dominant play session is to have a conversation with your partner.

Come to an agreement with one another on what you both are comfortable with. Have an honest conversation about your desire to be submissive during sexual encounters.

You can take things forward only after your partner agrees to experiment with you. Remember not to force them for dominant/submissive roleplaying. Everyone has a preference and taste when it comes to sex.

So, it is imperative to plan things accordingly if you are unsure about your partner’s interests. You can book an appointment with an escort who can help you discover the real meaning of dominant/submissive relationships in sex.

Keep in mind that being submissive in a relationship is not only about playing your role. It’s something that comes within you naturally.


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In short, submissive sex is a complex topic. You can explore the intricate components of such a type of roleplaying most satisfactorily with the above things kept in mind.

Now that you have learned the tips to improve your submissive time in bed with your partner, you may plan your sexual encounter this weekend. Those who don’t have a partner can contact a call girl at Ladys.one for an enhanced erotic experience.

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