Deadly Class Season 2 – Review and Release Date 2024


Rick Remender and Wesley Craig are the creators of the Deadly class comic series on which the show is established. Syfy developed it and released Deadly Class in January 2019.  The response received by this show was remarkable. The talented cast, intriguing storyline, and thrilling scenes are the pillars that built the popularity of the show.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The theme of the show is based on the 1980s. When a homeless boy named Marcus Lopez Arguello gets selected into the secret academy, the story picks up from there. He struggles to find a place for himself in the community and realizes that only the toughest will survive.

Master Lin runs an academy, King’s Domain, to train assassins. Top-elite criminal families send their children to this school. Marcus has to navigate his life through the strict curriculum and personal insecurities with his moral code to sustain himself in the academy.

The genre of the show comprises drama, black comedy, adventure, and action. It checks all the boxes for being interesting and appealing to the audience. Season 1 ended with many loose ends. This has left fans wanting answers for the mysteries and suspense created.

A second season is supposed to provide further details and insights into the lives of the characters. The creator of the comic series has already started to work on the upcoming storyline.

The Cast


The cast of Deadly class has some brilliant actors. Benedict Wong features as the headmaster of the academy and a ruthless teacher to the students. The protagonist, Marcus Lopez Arguello is played by Benjamin Wadsworth. Lana Condor plays the character of Saya Kuroki.

Lana Condor is one of the popular faces in the industry. Her part in this series generated quite a buzz. Maria Gabriela de Faria acts as a member of the Soro Vatos, Maria Salazar. Liam James is cast as Billy Benett who is best friends with Marcus.

Willie Lewis, played by Luke Tennie, is the leader of FWO. Guest stars include Henry Rollins, Erica Cerra, Ryan Robbins, Theresa Wong, Ice-T, and many more. The acting and performance of all the cast members were admirable and captivating.

When Is The Release Of Season 2 Expected?


Even though the series received a huge number of views, due to poor ratings Syfy canceled the production of season 2. Fans were disappointed by this news. They wanted to know how the story unfolds for the characters.

The silver lining is that the creator of Deadly Class comic is actively looking for platforms that word stream the series. This means slight hopes of season 2 are there.

Summing It Up

The ending of season one of the Deadly Class has left the fans intrigued. They desire to witness more of the show. The plot, characters, and enthusiasm for the next arc are keeping fans hooked on the show. Even if the show is not renewed or fails to appear on screen, fans can quench their third for knowing about the story through the comic series being created.

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