Boarding School Juliet – Review 2024


Boarding School Juliet’ is one of the most popular shows in Asia. It was initially a popular manga series in a magazine and was turned into an anime show that had a huge fan following.

A Peek Into The Storyline


Boarding school Juliet is a Japanese Shonen Manga Series that has been written by Yosuke Kaneda. Liden Films has carved out an anime television series from this enthralling comic series.

This love story definitely would cross our hearts. Juliet Percia and Inuzuka Romio are the lead characters. Juliet is the head of “White Cats”, the students from ‘Principality of the West’ are part of this group while Romeo is the leader of the “Black Dog’ ‘ dormitory which houses the students of ‘Nation of Touwa’.

Their main aim is to capture the Island which they all reside in, they play many ugly games and as the battle becomes bitter, the hearts of the leaders become softer as they start developing feelings for each other. All the drama takes place at Dahlia Academy Boarding School.

These rival opposites want to live with love and peace and forgo the bitterness. The archenemies end up falling in love with each other. It becomes really difficult for them to keep their relationship a secret. As they rightly say opposites do attract.

The Cast


There are many characters and each one of them adds a bit of drama to the romantic anime show. Yuki Ono is the one who gives voice to the character of Romeo while the character of Julia is voiced by Ai Kayano. Shogo Yano, Aoi Koga, and Miyuri Shimabukuro have given voice to the students in the school.

The other characters are Hiroshi Kamiya voiced by Scott Fold, Ayane Sakura voiced by Hasuki Komai, Teria Wang voiced by Yui Ogura, Yu Shimamura voiced by Chartreux Westin, and Cait Sith voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu. This romantic anime is not only famous in Japan and China but has a huge fan following in America as well.

When was the Release


Liden Films turned the comic series into an attractive anime series and it was released on TV on October 6 and was aired till December 22, 2018. In the USA it’s a popular comic, the publishing house Kodansha had released the first volume in the year 2018 under Kodansha comics.

Things You May Want To Know About Boarding School Juliet


The show Boarding School Juliet has also been adapted into a light novel. The novel was not a hit and didn’t garner much attention. It was written by Tadahito Mochizuki and was illustrated by Kaneda.

This show was a manga comic in a magazine, it was because of the viewer’s demand that it was turned into an anime series. The comic series was introduced and published in ‘Bessatsu Shonen Magazine’ in the year 2015 and the publication of this series ended in 2019. The show also goes by the name ‘Juliet Of Boarding School’.

The inspiration of the story is based on the most popular play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Shakespeare. The names of the lead characters Juliet Percia and Romeo Inuzuka have been derived from this age-old romantic play which is still popular to date and remains a favorite amongst the majority of the viewers.

Final Words

The evolution of this romantic story from a comic series to an anime series is just spellbound. It has gained even more viewers as various types of audiences are covered from readers to TV show watchers.

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