5 Tips for Designing and Building Your Custom Home

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What is a modern home for you? Is it the house of your dreams or an apartment in an exclusive building? Have you heard of custom houses? What do you think about them and do they fit into your idea of a perfect home?

Of course, this is a long process, as you are literally starting from the ground up and have many construction phases to manage. But could you do it yourself? What should you actually do as the future owner of that home?

The custom home industry has been around for decades and there have been too many successful projects. However, you should know that the process will not go quickly, that is, it will take almost a whole year until all the formalities regarding the ownership, as well as the construction project, are settled. And finally, even if you build a home in a remote area, as Truoba custom homes offer, there are so many details that you need to take care of in time.

What should you do? Here are some tips from us for you:

1. Choose an experienced company that will work on the construction

This must be your priority, perhaps even before you choose the location of your home. Construction companies often have a rich portfolio in the construction of housing facilities of all types. The company’s team will help you do research on the desired location and decide if it is good for building a home. Also, experienced architects will design the appearance of the home according to your requirements, but also according to all quality standards.

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In an ideal case, you will find all aspects of the project in one company, which will offer you a complete service from start to finish. These people often also know the legal mazes you might get stuck in and what you actually need to do to get the construction documents in order on time. And of course, they know exactly for each area whether there are conditions for conducting electricity or plumbing installation. These details are crucial for quality living, and not every area can offer them in full.

Therefore, we advise you to manage the entire process with the help of a construction company and an experienced team.

2. Find the perfect location

Searching for the perfect location is not an easy task for anyone. You need to find land where you can build and a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle.

You actually have a lot of choices, whether you want to be in an urban environment or in a remote area.

In order to find the perfect location, it is very important to consider whether there are easily accessible schools, public transportation, highways, and all those daily needs that we have in life nearby. There’s really no point in living too far from the city if you need a lot of money to travel and you don’t have readily available hospitals, pharmacies, or whatever you need urgently at the moment.

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That is why we recommend that you run the entire project with a professional company, to make sure that every aspect of comfortable living is covered by the project.

3. Be involved in planning and construction

You, as a user of a service, surely want the whole process to be made easier for you. But on the other hand, you should always be aware of what is happening on the ground. This means that you have to be involved from time to time so that you know what potential problems the team you are working with is facing.

This way you can always make changes or react if something is not being done right. You may not have time to be involved in the process on a daily basis, but try to provide feedback on each stage of home construction.

4. Do not forget the interior

It is not enough to just have a built but empty house. Many professional companies offer an interior design service, which greatly facilitates the whole process. This includes the performance of doors and windows, the quality of interior walls, the design of kitchen elements, and practical advice on buying furniture.

Making a custom home is a process that requires a lot of commitment from all possible aspects, so the interior should not be an exception.

5. Don’t be afraid to address problems on time

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When working on a custom home, the goal is to solve all problems promptly. Sometimes it’s good to get all the feedback out there before the work is done so that the experienced construction teams can react in time.

Many customers have trouble talking transparently about potential problems. They feel that the team of experts is doing a great job, but unfortunately, they face practical problems later on. Therefore, if you notice that something does not fit into the project or the idea you have for a comfortable home, you should say so immediately.


This way the company can fix small mistakes and make minor changes, rather than intervening when the whole house is already built. You also save time, stress, and of course, money. If you report a problem too late, companies have every right to treat it as an addition to the initial project and charge accordingly according to their price list.

Therefore, solve problems upfront, even when they seem minor and unimportant to the comfort of your custom home.


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As you can see, it doesn’t take long to find a custom house project when you have a professional team by your side. Surely there will be difficulties you will have to address immediately, or you risk living in a home you dislike, while your pockets are completely empty.

Anyway, owning a custom home is not an issue these days, especially when you know what you really want. It’s also essential to have realistic expectations, because that way, you know what’s next. And of course, get ready to invest a whole year in this, or sometimes even more, depending on the nature of the project. But we can assure you it’s completely worth the investment.

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