5 Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks for Faster Leveling

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When first starting the Destiny 2 experience grind, you’ll come across dozens of tips on how to do it. But not every tip you come across is efficient.

Leveling is a core mechanic of Destiny 2. Naturally, your goal is to level up much faster and amass the most power you could. As your level increases, so does your power level. The greater the power level, the more guns open up for you to use. So your goal should indeed be to level up much faster.

Here is how to do that.

1. Prioritize Bounties

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Once you reach level six, bounties become available for you to earn and farm experience through. Bounties are some of the easiest ways to power level in the beginning. The game gives you many bounties to complete, but the important part is to indeed put all your focus into it.

Bounties can vary but they’re essentially quests. A bounty can be killing a certain amount of players from a specific class, killing a certain number of species, etc. The Tower is where you can find all the bounties available to you. You can see what each bounty requires and what it pays out in the form of rewards.

You can even go as far as prioritizing the bounties that give you the most rewards for faster leveling. Some bounties give low XP reward, while others as much as 5,000 XP. There are daily bounties that give out a ton of experience.

While it might take you some time to finish the daily bounties, the reward pays out greatly.

2. Go On an XP Farm Run

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Farming is an essential mechanic of Destiny 2. While farming is quite popular among MMORPG fans, it can become a boring task once you’re doing it all the time. Unfortunately, you have to go on farming runs to amass as much experience as possible. The easiest way to do that is to create a route where you’ll start from one place and kill as many foes as you can.

Killing foes and bots gives you experience. The more you eliminate them, the more experience you get. With every point of experience, you’re one step closer to reaching the next level. So going on a faring run is essential if you want to level up faster.

Farming can become a grind and make the session boring. This might tempt you to try a different farming run that doesn’t give as much experience. Don’t be tempted by that and instead bite your tongue and keep grinding the same area that gives you the most experience.

3. Try Boosting Services

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Boosting services aren’t exclusive only to Destiny 2. These services help players who want to level up faster by teaming up with professionals that will grind with them.

Boosting services make it possible for another person to take you with them in an area that you stand no chance in. While they clear out the lobby, you get the experience. A boosting service will help you complete challenging missions and earn more experience.

All in all, it’s a win-win for you and the person boosting you. But these services do more than just earn experience for you. A pro can help you get the guns necessary to overcome more challenging foes and boost your power level. Lfcarry.com is an amazing Destiny 2 boosting service where you can enlist the services of Destiny 2 pros to help you level up faster.

4. Don’t Forget To Quest

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Even if Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter game, the RPG mechanics make it impossible not to do quests. Questing is something that everyone has to go through. The starting quests must be completed if you want to progress further. But you’ll reach where a point where quests won’t be as important to you.

Don’t think like this and instead do your quests. With each quest comes a bundle of rewards. Not only do you amass experience every time you finish a quest, but you also get legendary drops like weapons and armor. In many cases, these drops will be above your power level.

So that incentives you to do more quests to reach the power level to equip those guns and armor. While not every drop will be a legendary weapon, many won’t in fact, that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your quests.

Quests are an essential mechanic of any RPG game and you can’t progress further without doing them.

5. Run Raids

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Before you start screaming and shouting at your monitor, allow us to explain. It will take some time before you get to this point. So what’s the point of talking about raids when you can only do it once you hit 1250?

Well, raids are some of the best ways to earn experience. They’re not easy to finish and you’ll find a team to go and do them. But once you do indeed hit 1250, you enter the endgame. You get a token with every completed raid. You can then redeem that token for cool gear and weapons. Rids are fun, complex, and require communication to be successful. They are capped, but you’ll get there in no time by doing the previous tips we mentioned.

Once you hit 1250, you’ll reach 1260 in no time. You can even do it by finishing one raid.

While raids do have a weekly cap, that shouldn’t put you off from doing them all you can.

Grind each week and you’ll go beyond Pinnacle gear in no time.

Finishing Thoughts

Leveling up in Destiny 2 can be an arduous task, especially if you’re leveling up multiple guardians. But that’s the only way to progress through the game. So leveling becomes something everyone does. Our five tips on how to do it will surely help get you where you want to be.

By prioritizing bounties, going on farming runs, and doing your quests, you’ll find yourself in the upper-level bracket in no time. If you’re stuck or want to do it faster, then why not try boosting services? After that, you’ll unlock raids and unleash your full potential.

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