Does A Mouthguard Help With Clenching?

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Painful jaws and headaches can be a consequence of bruxism. In that case, you could grind, clench, or gnash your teeth uncontrollably. It occurs mainly after a long period of stress, and a large number of cases were recorded during the pandemic that burdened people. It is also not easy to find out that you have bruxism. Since the symptoms appear in the evening while you are asleep, it will be difficult for you to understand the cause of headaches and other symptoms. Although there is no cure for this condition, you can seek help.

One of the useful things will be a mouthguard that will stop the urge to start grinding and clenching. In this way, you will be able to cope with the negative effects of this condition and be fresher. A mouthguard is shaped according to each user because the jaws are different.

What is a mouthguard?

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These protectors are also known as dental guards because they set up a barrier between the teeth. The product is made of plastic and can be soft or hard. You can choose whether to wear it on the lower or upper jaw. The most important thing is that it is shaped so that it does not cause you discomfort, but that it fits perfectly with your teeth. In addition to helping with clenching, Mouthguard also prevents the development of plaque. When making a mouthguard, you can consult an expert who will give you a product with holes. Thanks to them, saliva can reach your teeth during the night, which means that it will not endanger the hygiene of your mouth.

What types of mouthguards are there?

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You can divide them according to the material from which they are made. For example, there are hard shields. They are used in severe cases of teeth grinding and clenching. Here we can see a significant difference between sports protectors and night guards. While sports protectors are too soft for the mouth and are not designed for chewing. In this way, they will only stimulate chewing during the night, because the brain will recognize them as food. This can cause the opposite effect and put too much strain on the muscles as well as wear out the material prematurely. Due to this, this model is not intended for use during the new. Experts use professional materials during production. If properly maintained, they can be used for up to several years.

What to look for when choosing a mouthguard?

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There are several factors that affect the effectiveness of this product. The first step is to choose the place where you will place it. It can be an upper or lower jaw, and you will choose so that you will wonder where you need maximum protection. Don’t forget about comfort, because if you are not comfortable enough when wearing it, you can create an uncomfortable situation for yourself. You will also not be able to sleep peacefully and it will simply not benefit you if it is too big or small for your mouth. You need to spend the whole night with it in your mouth, which means that it is not a short period. The condition of your teeth is another very important. Based on it, you will decide which is your ideal mouthguard. Experts recommend that it be as thin a shield as possible, but one that suits you. It will be much easier to carry and will fit more easily into your routine. Put it on just before bed.

Benefits of mouthguard

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According to SportingSmiles not only will this product help you get rid of headaches but it will save your teeth, and it will also bring you the following benefits. This is about saving money, because it will not cost you much compared to some other dental expenses. For example, repairing worn teeth or fractures is significantly more expensive. This way you protect your teeth to prevent it from happening. Remember that neglecting symptoms such as bruxism leads to much more serious problems, and they involve expensive treatments.
Since teeth grinding happens overnight, you have no control over it. Know this that you cannot prevent the loss of enamel without help. If you do not use help, your teeth may become too sensitive at some point. This means that it will be difficult to tolerate too many hot or cold drinks and food. Teeth are also more susceptible to decay, which means that you can develop infections in the future. Another common consequence is a broken weak tooth or a worn filling.

Risk of injury

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There are also some more serious situations you may find yourself in if your jaw is too active during the night. This refers to the muscles that are used for chewing because while you are clenching your teeth, you are putting constant pressure on the TMJ. This causes misalignment which automatically leads to later chewing problems. Incompatibility leads to TMJ dysfunction, and the consequences are ear pain, headaches, etc. Damage to the articular disc is also possible, and it is irreparable. So, this would cause uncontrolled opening and closing of the jaw, and wearing a mouthguard prevents the development of this disorder.

Chronic headaches can significantly reduce the quality of life, and they are the first symptoms of bruxism. TMJ dysfunctions are just manifested through migraines. What causes these problems is muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and mouth. There is a way to determine if your symptoms are due to bruxism or something else. You need to look at the surface of the tooth a little better. If they are flattened rather than pointed, you most likely have this problem.


If someone has told you to grit your teeth while you sleep, take that as a warning that you must not ignore. You may have only dreamed something, but you may be suffering from bruxism. Now that you know the symptoms of this condition, it will be easier for you to seek professional help. Fortunately, mouthguard can certainly help you get rid of this ugly habit forever, which has a bad effect on your overall health. We hope we have helped you protect your teeth.

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