9 Tips on How to Pass The Tazavesh Dungeon in WoW Shadowlands

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If you frequently enjoy playing WoW: Shadowlands, you probably know about the latest extension to the game, the Veiled market called Tazavesh. This particular dungeon is filled with 8 powerful bosses that you must defeat, however, because of all of them, as well as the challenges, puzzles, and extent of the vault, it may be a bit difficult for you to clear it. Luckily, the article below will feature everything you should know about clearing the Veiled market, so let’s take a look:

Tip 01: Firstly, You Have to Get There

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Before we take a look at the bosses you must defeat, it’s important that we mention how you could get to the Veiled market. Unlike all the other dungeons, this one will require you to finish some quests before you could access it. Now, don’t worry, the quest you’ll need to pass to gain entrance will require approximately 10 to 20 minutes to finish.

To start the journey, you must first go to Oribos and talk with the host called Ta’rela. She will then present you with a quest titled “The Al’ley Cat of Oribos’, which will, of course, start a quest series that you need to finish. Once you’re done with the quests, you can take a boat that’ll take you to Tazavesh.

Tip 02: Enter the Vault And Defeat The First Enemy

Once you gain access, it’s all about defeating the eight bosses, the first one being Zo’Phex. Weirdly, Zo’Phex is a tough first enemy, mostly because the enemy has a huge shield that will protect it from hits from the front. This is why you have to circle around him while at the same time landing hits from the back. You should remember, Zo’Phex may throw your weapons across the area from time to time, so, you should be quick when retrieving them.

Tip 03: Next Come Three Mini-Bosses

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When you’ve eventually defeated the first enemy, next you’ll confront three mini-bosses, also referred to as the Grand Menagerie. It’s not as hard as the aforementioned battle, but you should evade long and dangerous AoE skills while damaging the current one until the next one shows up.

If there are more than one of them at a time, it’ll definitely be more daunting for you to attack them all at once. Keep in mind, there are boosting services such as the ones Lfcarry offers that’ll enable you to go through the dungeon with a team of experienced and skilled gamers.

Tip 04: Here Comes Mayhem

The Mailroom Mayhem is all about healers, mostly because they’ll need to do everything in their power to keep their team alive during the battle. One of the mechanics that you should keep an eye on is “Unstable Goods” that could spawn at a random area in the Mailroom. You’ll want to press on the pack and toss it into the right mailbox and if you don’t, your whole team will take a lot of damage that can cause you to fail.

Tip 05: The Oasis

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As the name implies, Myza’s oasis is, possibly, one of the easiest battles that this vault has to offer. All you need to do is to stand on the stage and collect notes that’ll appear all over the room. If you hit ten notes, they’ll initiate a few guards that’ll appear and charge at you, but the fight doesn’t stop there. Once you activate 2 sets of guards, a huge boss will show up. You should stay spread out throughout the battle, and you should also evade standing in front of Zo’gron. If you do this, the entire battle will be relatively easy.

Tip 06: Be Careful About So’azmi

The first thing that you should know about this particular enemy is that it has a skill called Shuri, which is an expanding ring that’ll reach the walls of the area. You won’t be capable of outrunning is, which is why you need to utilize teleporters installed throughout the area. Remember, you have to pass through teleporters with an identical shape if you want to avoid the expanding ring and defeat your rival.

Tip 07: Take Care of Hylbrande

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When the match begins, you and your team should defeat the Purifiers too, and when you deal sufficient damage to them and the main enemy, you’ll reach the point that’s a bit more daunting to complete. Why? Well, one gamer will need to click the console in the center to expose some runes, while the other ones have to refer to the info on display to take the runes to the right locations, while at the same time taking hits. If you pass this stage, you won’t have difficulties with the final fight.

Tip 08: Travel Through Time

Before your final match, you have to go through a stage that’ll require you to travel within dimensions. Timecapn’ Hooktail is a really hard battle, and there will be a lot of actions that the tank has to monitor. This is why you and your teammates have to guarantee that your tank is dealing hits to the enemy from the front since it’ll keep him out of the flames on the terrain. This will assist you with dealing more hits to the enemy.

Tip 09: Don’t Be Afraid of So’leah

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The last battle in the Veiled market is, naturally, the most challenging one to pass, however, it could be divided into a few parts. Firstly, you should ensure that the assassins that the enemy summons are defeated as soon as possible since if they’re left alive, they’ll defeat your team without any effort.

You should also guarantee that there is enough space between your team’s attacks on the Collapsing Star that the enemy summons. Keep in mind, as long as you don’t have the star’s debuff influence you, you’ll be capable of completely draining the energy from the central star.

Lastly, at 50% of health, So’leah will have new abilities, and when the boss casts one of them, ensure that the arrow shining on the ground is aimed at one of the orbs that are floating around. You don’t need to be under the orbs, mostly because you’ll expose yourself to harm. If you survive through the new skills, you’ll clear the Tazavesh.


Although Tazavesh is quite complex and daunting to complete, it isn’t entirely possible, particularly if you know exactly what you have to do. And since you now know everything about the bosses you’ll meet, don’t lose any more of your time. Instead, start with the first task we mentioned – which is heading to Oribos and talking to the host that’ll allow you to access the depths of the Veiled market.

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