Do Dogs Need Blankets in Bed


Dogs get cold too so yes, they also need a blanket. But it depends on various other factors. For example, the breed of your dog, the fur it has and the temperature in your region. Therefore, whether your dog is in need of a blanket or not is not a simple yes or no.

Furthermore, even if they are not getting the blanket over them, they will sleep on it. After all, they also deserve a soft and cushioned bed. Therefore, getting a blanket for dogs is not a bad idea. Your dog will surely love it.

The good thing about dog blankets is they are not like ours. Rather, a lot of blankets are multi-functional. Therefore, your dog can use it as a bed and a couch too. And they are available in very cute shapes and sizes. So if you are worried about the interior, you have a variety of options available to choose from.

For example, if you have a more natural and lively interior and paint, a leaf blanket will go well with it. And FunnyFuzzy has them. So whether you are looking for creative blankets or other items for your doggo, they have them. So you can get a raincoat, blanket, a donut bed, car seat cover or anything else, just go to

This is surely a place for dogs. You can get everything that you are looking for. And even if you are not finding anything particular, they have objects that you did not know you needed. For example, a dog mat for picnics, a gummy walk set, a sleeping set with a tent, bed and blanket and cute toys. So when it comes to cute objects, even a lot is not enough.

Now coming back towards our topic, do dogs need a blanket?

As we have already told you that it mainly depends on various factors. So let’s just discuss them.

1. Your dog breed


The most important factor is the breed of your dog. Some breeds are from colder regions and they have thick fur. Therefore, they feel less cold. They have a natural way of keeping themselves hot, so they can even go in snow and won’t feel anything. Instead, these dogs feel happy in the snow.

On the other hand, if your dog is from a warmer region but you are living in a colder one, you definitely need a warm blanket for them. Moreover, you can buy clothes so they do not feel warm during the day. Likewise, buy a warm blanket for them so they can sleep comfortably.

Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes are breeds from the colder region. Therefore, they won’t need something on them. However, they will love a warmer and cushioned blanket to sleep on. But when it comes to sleeping, the fur is thick enough to keep them hot. But they might love something on top of them.

However, if you are living in a snowy area and you have a breed with little fur and a thin coat, it will need clothes and a blanket too. So you will make sure that your dog is never cold. Otherwise, it will fall ill.

Likewise, smaller dogs and breeds like greyhounds, whippets and Chihuahuas feel colder. Therefore, they will also need a blanket where they can sleep comfortably. So if you have any of these breeds, you need to buy a blanket and a warmer bed.

2. The temperature of your home


Another important factor is the inside temperature of your home. If you are living in Canada, they have an internal heating system. So you will set the temperature. Usually, people keep the temperature at room temperature or warmer if they want. But it is best to keep the thermostat at room temperature. But if you are having a dog, the safer temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dogs have a natural habit of moving around in circles. They make a pile of leaves that keep them warm. Therefore, you will also observe that your dog moves around in circles. It is a natural instinct and they feel happy with it.

It was about living in colder regions. But if you are living in a country where there are hotter conditions, your dog might not feel cold during the day. However, it will need something to keep it warm at night. So you have to make sure that the temperature at night is suitable for pets. If the nights are cooler, provide a blanket.

3. In case of any medical condition


Apart from the weather conditions, there might be some other problems too. For example, your dog has a medical condition and that disease makes it feel colder. So it will require something extra to keep the warmth. Therefore, if there is any such situation, buying a blanket is a must. You have to make sure that there are other ways to raise the temperature. This will not put too much pressure on the dog itself.

Heart and kidney diseases, hormonal imbalance and Cushing’s disease are some of the problems that lower their body temperatures. Therefore, you will have to put an extra layer on them. Make sure to provide them with warm drinks and keep the thermostat high.

In addition to this, you can also buy a donut bed. It has cushioning all around so it will be able to store the heat and remain warm for a longer time. Top it with a cushioned blanket and that’s it.

How will you know if your dog is feeling cold?


Dogs shiver, if they feel cold. Moreover, to prevent much coldness and keep them warm, they curl themselves to make a ball. So if you observe that your dog is not much active and refuses to go out, observe him. If it keeps itself curled up, this is a clear sign for you. Your doggo is feeling cold. So either set the internal room temperature or buy warmer shirts and blankets for it.

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