How to Dominate Your Farm as a Realtor


Are you a Realtor looking to dominate your farm? Do you want more listings and a higher conversion rate for your real estate business? If so, this is the ultimate guide on building and marketing your listings to leverage your farm. We will walk you through every step of building and marketing your property online to get more clients while being successful with each listing.

Focus on obtaining listings:


As a realtor, your number one goal should be to obtain listings. This will open up more opportunities for you and get your name out there to potential buyers. It is also a great way to get referrals from past clients. The best ways to gain listings are:

Creating A Website.

Creating a farm website is the first step to gaining more listings. A website will be your online real estate business card, and you want it to represent who you are as an agent.

If they like what they see, clients will contact you for their property to get listed on the MLS (multiple listing service). The best part about this strategy is that once every month or two, someone in your network purchases and becomes a referral source of new clients into your real estate business.

This way, when they make referrals, these prospective buyers already know who you are! And don’t forget – if there isn’t anything currently available under your name but would like for properties to flow through, add yourself as “inactive” until you can gather enough listings to go active.

Build A Facebook/Instagram Page That Caters to Your Farm


Facebook is the number one social media platform for realtors – if you’re not using it, you will be soon! It’s essential to have a business page to get your name out there and gain clients interested in purchasing land or obtaining listings themselves.

When setting up a listing, make sure that you mention what type of properties do well with this buyer demographic, so they know just by looking at the cover photo which property types interest them most. Don’t forget about utilizing hashtags since it allows potential buyers an easier way to find things explicitly related to what they’re looking for.

Instagram is great to use if you target a younger demographic of buyers or sellers who may be interested in using the platform more than others. Your account must focus on showing off listings, properties, and photos.

It allows potential clients insight into how well you do business as their realtor by showcasing beautiful property images and providing information about land available under your name. Be sure to mention any hashtags relevant enough so those following can find what they want! With all these platforms combined – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and now Instagram – you’ll have no problem gaining as many sales as possible from this farm-focused demographic.


Prospecting is the best way to gain new listings, and having a checklist on hand will save you time. It’s important that after each call, you take note of what they say since there may be something your client said that could help build rapport and trust with them.

You’ll want to make sure that when calling potential clients, you let them know how long ago it was from last being listed, which gives insight into why their property would do well under your name now instead of before. But don’t forget – if someone tells you no, always ask for referrals because most likely they have friends or family looking at purchasing land too!



Door-knocking is a great way to gain listings on your farm and build up more business. Door-knocking allows you to meet new people and see if they’re looking for land or properties themselves since this will give them ideas of the types of property that may interest them most under your name.

You never know who can be a leader in getting someone interested in buying from you! This is a great way to get a sense of who your ideal client can be and helps you focus on what types of listings may interest them most.

Sending Postcards

Sending real estate postcards, which a great provider is Wise Pelican, is a great way to let people know you exist and gain listings as well. Make sure that the cards stand out from others since they will be placed on someone’s refrigerator who other realtors have already visited.

Try to make the backside of the card with information about what you can do for them regarding land and property available under your name. You’ll want a call-to-action that will stand out from others, try including a picture on it!

Posting For Sale Signs


Make sure that when placing these signs around properties that it is in prominent sight and not hidden. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to drive by, see the sign but have no idea who they should contact about it due to poor placement or visibility!

You’ll need a visible sign that can be seen from quite far away so potential clients know who they’re supposed to call when looking to buy or sell the property. Be sure to update the sign often since it’s vital that if someone is driving by and sees your sign, they know where to find you!

Hosting Client/ Networking Events.

Hosting client events is a great way to get your name out there and let potential clients know who you are! These networking or client-oriented events must often happen since they can help build rapport with those looking to buy land, property, or both.

Try hosting them at a local restaurant for food – this will be beneficial in getting to know your clients better and finding out what it is they’re looking for. If you cannot host events at a restaurant, try hosting them in different locations, such as the farm itself! Just make sure that when people attend these networking or client-oriented events that they leave with more knowledge about who you are and how great of a realtor you can be for their needs.

Share Your listings with your sphere of influence:


Your family and friends.

Make sure that your sphere of influence is aware of all properties you have available for sale or purchase! Your clients may even know others who are looking to buy land or property, too, so make sure they’re kept in the loop about what’s going on with potential new listings coming up under your name. This can be done by posting it on social media, sending out emails or texts to those interested in what you have available.

Your clients and other realtors.


Make sure that your clientele is aware of any new properties coming up for sale under your name! This will give them the option of potentially buying it before any other realtors may get to it. You don’t want to make the mistake of giving your competitive advantage over you, so keep them in the know about what’s going on with potential new listings!

Be consistent with your marketing.

Consistency is vital when it comes to marketing – this includes how often you’re posting, who your contacts are and what type of posts or ads they see. You don’t want people’s feeds clogged up with tons of different advertisements so try to keep them all similar appearances! This way, you can focus on the content more and not have to worry about the different ways you’re advertising your business.

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