Your Fairy God Mother in Being Hair-Free

When we look into the mirror, we always see a reflection of ourselves. We see our eyes, ears, nose, and face. Other than that, we can also see some wrinkles, lines, and unwanted hairs that may appear not only on our faces but also on the other parts of our bodies. These things may seem ordinary, but whether we like it or not, it often affects our confidence and how we see ourselves. That’s why we’ve always been grateful for how technology has come to our rescue to solve the issues that we have within ourselves.

If you are one of the people who constantly face problems with your skin, technology has granted us an option to battle it. One of these options is the use of IPL. A lot of people have used and tried this process. A lot have been doing this worldwide, and IPL promotion in Singapore has become a trend in the country because of its success. So let us learn what it is and how it is helpful.

What is IPL?

IPL or Intense Pulse Light Therapy is a process in which light is used to treat skin problems like wrinkles and unwanted skin. Besides this, it also helps improve the texture and color of your skin. This therapy is used by beauty and medical practitioners to treat your skin and have a rejuvenating effect. Furthermore, since it’s not a surgical process, it is pain-free and affordable.

What are the different IPL Courses?


IPL courses refer to the package you choose with IPL treatment. Each course offers a similar treatment in using IPL but differs on the location you will apply it. Currently, four courses are offered in this kind of treatment. These courses are below:

1. Customized Removal

This course refers to the use of customized IPL treatment. This means you can choose specific parts where you can apply this therapy. This customization is divided into two sections: L Parts and S parts.

  • L Parts: This refers to parts along the chest, stomach, hip, upper back, lower back, Thighs and calf, and lower and upper arm.
  • S parts: These are the areas that refer to the parts around the chin and upper lips, neck area, the nipple and navel, hands, knees, toes, waist, and areas around the vulva.

2. VIO Removal

We all know that keeping your private parts clean proves to be demanding; that is why

with the help of IPL, professionals can handle those areas to help your skin improve. Specifically, you can apply IPL on the area around the pubic hair or the lower triangle, the lower part of the navel, I-line, o-line: but the area and bikini lines.

3. Full Body Removal

This treatment is for you if you’re concerned about all the unwanted wrinkles and hairs in the body. Since its full body removal involves IPL treatment on all the body parts mentioned in the first two courses.

4. Full Light Removal

This course is for clients who wish to apply the treatment to more than one body part. It is a package created for you to choose from. In this course, there are three plans: A, B, or C.

  • Plan A Involves the parts of the Upper and Lower legs, arms, toes, and fingers.
  • Plan B is for Upper and Lower Legs, arms, back, fingers, foot, and toes.
  • Plan C is for areas around the upper and lower leg, arm, finger, foot, toes, chest, and stomach.

Nothing is wrong if you wish to improve yourself by removing all the unwanted things on your skin. Let alone if technology allows us to do so. With IPL, it removes all the wrinkles and unwanted hairs in your body, pain-free. Furthermore, it is also affordable. This gives us the chance to look more beautiful and youthful. A gift that helps boost our confidence.

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