Is It Possible to Fix Foggy Windows and How? – 2024 Guide


Foggy windows of house or office look unclean and unpleasant to our eyes. It feels like you are stuck inside any place and unable to access the outside world. Sometimes, it feels suffocating to be inside a place with a lack of visibility. If you keep ignoring your windows, the stains will leave in the same manner, and it accumulates with time.

In the next few years, you have to spend money on maintenance or installation of new windows. Not everyone can spend enough on such things. Therefore, it is better to prevent fog accumulation on the windows. Many people doubt whether they can do anything to fix foggy windows or not.

The following write-up will discuss various solutions for fixing foggy windows. We will also discuss different ways to prevent such a situation. Initially, if you prevent the condition, you can save money on unnecessary repairs.

What is the Possible Reason for Causing Foggy Windows?

Generally, we install double-pane windows in our houses and offices. The two glass panes must be tightly sealed to avoid the accumulation of moisture in the gap between the panes. The main reason for the fog accumulation in the window panes is generally the seal failure that binds two glass panes. Due to the failure in the sealing, the moisture by humidity enters in the gap and causes fogging.

Obviously, the temperature of the inner and outer side of the window is different, and hence, the presence of moisture will be the same. The outer side of the house windows becomes wet in the cold temperature.

If you ignore cleaning and removing the moisture timely, it will start forming calcium. The moisture will keep depositing inside the gap, making it look milky. With time, the visibility will also become zero. The transparent window will become translucent. When it comes to appearance, the milky-looking windows look very bad and unpleasant.

You have to take care of the broken seal because it can also reduce the window’s thermal resistance, also known as the R-value. You must contact services to repair broken window glass to treat foggy window glass.

Is It Possible to Fix These Foggy Windows?


Surprisingly, you can fix the poor-looking foggy windows of your house and office. The easiest and most convenient solution is to hire a professional who can defog the windows pane and do all the repairs. But you have to pay for the services. The money that you spend on these services is comparatively less than installing the new ones.

The milky glazing can be removed by replacing the window pane frame. The seal will also get changed, and a vacuum will be there inside the gap. In the case of replacement, you have to change the entire two-pane unit instead of replacing only one unit. But if the double-pane is broken, you must replace the entire unit.

The window frame will remain the same, but you must change the glass. You need to find a professional who can replace the units carefully and do the defogging. You can negotiate the amount from the service provider and get it done at a reasonable price.

Are There Ways to Prevent Fogging of Windows?

Fixing foggy windows must be done whenever the windows turn completely milky, and it is hard to clean them. Replacing your old house windows with the new ones is quite expensive. You can easily prevent such situations instead of spending too much money on maintenance and future repairs.

You can do various things to prevent the window fogging and save money by stopping calcium accumulation in the gap inside the two panes of glass. Now, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent such a situation. The following are the tips that one must follow to avoid foggy windows:

1. Drilling Some Holes in the Window Glass


When there is too much moisture inside the house, the chances of fog accumulation in the two-pane window seal become high. You need to get rid of moisture inside your house to avoid fogging.

Whenever you install window glass, you must drill some small holes in the window glass to release the moisture from the house inside to the outside. These holes will throw the moisture slowly and prevent the locking of fog in the window.

2. Use of Anti-Fogging Solution

You can buy the anti-fogging solution and apply it to the inner side of the window glass. It helps in preventing the moisture that can stick to the window glass and prevents fog accumulation. But you need to be frequently applying the solution for better results.

3. Use of Liquid Sealant

In the bottom section of the window glass, you can add the liquid sealant to avoid moisture locking in the gap inside the two window glass panes. An artificial sealing liquid helps in keeping the moisture away and avoids fogging.

4. Controlling the Humidity

You need to control the humidity level inside your house or office. If you use a humidifier in your house, then ensure that you shut it off. When you turn off the device, you will see the difference sometime. While cooking, you must use the exhaust fan to release the moisture in the air.

Similarly, when you take a bath, you must use the exhaust fan to release the locked moisture. It is necessary to open doors as well as windows for at least a few hours. It helps in circulating air in the house and preventing the locking of moisture. You should also avoid indoor plants to control the levels of humidity.

Final Thoughts


Foggy windows are a common problem in many regions of the world. Instead of spending enough money on fixing or repairing the milky windows, it is better to prevent moisture accumulation inside your property. You must follow all the mentioned tips to avoid fogging situations.

But if you cannot control moisture, then you can fix the problem by replacing the entire two-pane glass unit with the seal. The prevention of fogging is better than expensive fixing window methods.

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