Things You Need to Fulfill Your Crockery Checklist


Multiple items need to be purchased to get a complete crockery list. A complete crockery set includes different types of forks, knives, dishes, spoons, and tongs. There can be several reasons why people might need to fulfill their crockery checklist. Individuals who might be interested in starting their own fine dining restaurant need a complete dinnerware set.

Likewise, some people love throwing lavish dinners at their place, and a full dinnerware set is essential for them. Individuals can buy a twenty-four-piece or thirty-six-piece set depending on the purpose, budget, and individual preferences.

4 Things That Makes A Complete Dinnerware Set


Dishes And Bowls

A standard crockery set should have dinner plates, salad plates, a soup bowl, plates for serving dessert, etc. The material of the dishes and bowls can be porcelain or Bone China. Porcelain plates and bowls are lightweight and easy to carry and serve. They are durable and scratch-resistant. Getting scratch-resistant plates is important as forks and knives can leave permanent scratches on the dishes making them less appealing. Porcelain can be customized; it can come in any color or design, depending upon the buyer’s choice.

Bone China plates are durable and elegant and do not chip away easily. Thus, Bone China plates are easily stacked over one another. However, they are not very resistant to high heat. And they are usually more expensive than porcelain sets.

Some sets also have earthenware bowls and dishes. Earthenware dishes are resistant to heat; hence, if the curry or the soup is boiling, it will not affect the bowls. Also, these plates can be easily put inside a microwave oven for reheating food. Another significant advantage of this material is that it does not leave toxic chemical residues on the food served. People are very anxious about consuming toxic chemicals inadvertently and earthenware is for them. Earthenware cutlery ensures people can eat their food without panicking about toxic food residues.

Dinner Sets can also be made of melamine, they are pretty affordable, and are highly durable. If one has a melamine dinner set, then he does not have to worry about dropping and breaking plates and cups. Melamine is so durable that it does not break easily, even if dropped from a height. A wholesale dinnerware supplier will offer a lot of varieties at an affordable price.

Different Types Of Spoons And Forks


Different types of spoons and forks are present in a complete crockery set. A complete set has a service spoon, a soup spoon, a fish fork, a dessert fork, etc. A service spoon is usually made of stainless steel and is bigger than a tablespoon. A usual service spoon is ten to eleven inches long. Ladles are specialized spoons that are used for serving soup in individual bowls. A dinner set has multiple dessert spoons. The size of a dessert spoon is intermediate between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. A dessert spoon is usually bigger than a teaspoon and smaller than a tablespoon.

The main fork types in a cutlery set are service, fish, dessert fork etc. Fish forks have a short handle and are used by the server to place the fish on the guest’s or customer’s plate. They are also helpful in eating fish filet. Some sets also have a special fork for eating seafood. These are usually small and have three prongs.

Knives In A Dinner Set


Knives are important for cutting butter cubes or used with a fork to cut food. Butter knives are not sharp and are helpful for cutting soft items that quickly melt, like butter and cheese. Fish knives and side knives are slightly sharper than butter knives. However, neither of them are sharp, like kitchen knives which can give nasty cuts if people are not careful while chopping the food.

Tongs In A Dinner Set


Tongs help in picking up pieces of sugar cubes, ice, sandwiches, pastries, salad, etc. Thus, depending on the purpose, the size of the tong varies. Ice tongs are usually made of stainless steel and are around eight inches long. Sugar cube tongs are the smallest in size and are used to pick up sugar cubes and add them to beverages like tea and coffee.


The material, the size, the design, and the elegance are reflective of a family’s lifestyle choices. For some individuals being able to put the food in a microwave oven is more important, and they will go for glassware. Some others might like their cups and plates not to break or get cracks very often; such people will choose a melamine set over a glass one.

When going out to buy a dinner set, people should be careful in reading the labels on the boxes, which will clearly mention the set’s features. The labels allow people to make an informed choice based on their needs and likings.

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