Is The Gladiator Title Permanent in WoW Shadowlands


Saying that World of Warcraft is an exceptional game simply isn’t enough, as it is so much more to so many people. Namely, every gamer has certain characteristics of the game they adore, and even things that make them frustrated at times aren’t bad, far from it, as it is precisely the concept of the game that makes WoW so successful and globally popular.

WoW was one of the pioneers of this genre and was released way back in 2004, meaning that developers needed to make changes in order to stay competitive and to provide the best possible gaming experience to players, which is also something they expected.

We all know how tech advances and how new and better software and graphics come out almost every few months or so, and that is why certain actions were needed, but enough about that, and let’s get into specifics, or to be more precise, WoW titles.

What are WoW titles, and how to get them?

Only those entirely new to World of Warcraft aren’t aware that choosing a character is only the first step of this incredible voyage, and those with some experience probably already have nightmares about leveling up and completing quests.

Yes, this game is all about cooperation, party organization, skills, and, of course, leveling up as fast as possible. As for leveling, yes, it’s about prestige, but reaching the title of Gladiator, for example, will also earn you the respect of millions of gamers across the globe.

This title is one of the highest achievements, which speaks volumes about how tough it is to get it, but the first thing to know about is that there are several Gladiator titles in WoW.

Various Gladiator titles


First of all, we need to mention that there are different titles, and not all of them have the same characteristics, so it is necessary to understand the difference between them before starting the game to know what you can expect from each of them.

We will describe them further and try to explain better what each of them means to avoid confusion. Furthermore, we will get into specifics and what most people probably want to know, whether they are permanent or not.

Adjective Gladiator

Let’s first start by mentioning the permanent one, which is also known as Corrupted or Sinister Gladiator, and it is awarded at the end of each new season. Keep in mind that it is not easy to earn this title, and in order to do that, you need to finish at the top of the 3v3 Arena ladder.

You do not need to be in the first place, but it is necessary to be among the 0.1% of the best players. Now, this is as difficult as it probably sounds, and being among those 0.1 percent of players is pretty challenging, considering the number of great WoW masters.

As for the advantages, the great thing is that this title is specific for each character besides the fact it is permanent, and it has legacy “Rank 1” titles. They can be earned under the old Battlegroup system, and no one can take them away.



This one is for those people who love to play the Elite Rank and, of course, are good at it. “All” you need to do is win 50 3v3 games, and you will be awarded the Gladiator title. It may sound easy, but once you start playing, it will be clear that it can be pretty difficult to win that many games.

The title is specific for each character, and keep in mind that it is not permanent. It lasts for the whole season, but once the season is over, it is necessary to play and win it again, and remaining the champion is always much more difficult than winning it for the first time.

One tip – try to make your game and playing strategy a diverse one as it will keep the opponents guessing what you will do next. This strategy and great skillset combined with good reflexes and effective keybind will do wonders for your game.

The mount

The third option is “the mount,” with the title “the Corrupted Gladiator’s Proto-Drake,” for example, and earning it does not differ a lot from earning the famous Gladiator title. It means that in order to earn this title, we need to win 50 3v3 games in Elite Rank, and we will be awarded this mount.

The only but important difference is that this title is permanent, unlike the Gladiator one, and it is available on all characters, not only one, which can be pretty useful.

What about ratings in Shadowlands?


One of the info you have probably already heard is that in Shadowlands, it’s needed 50 wins (which we confirmed above) and above 2400. That says a lot about how tough this new system is, as you need to get to a 2400+ rating and then win 50 games, plus it’s not possible to get this mount from 2’s Shadowlands, which complicate things.

As for other PvP titles, they are still available from Rated Battleground, but in order to queue for that, you need to be level 50 first. Furthermore, it is a fierce competition, so don’t be surprised if you encounter a well-organized group that plays for quite some time together.

To Summarize

Well, this sums it up, as you have all the necessary info about Gladiator title, whether and how much things are different in Shadowlands, and how to get this title in the first place. In the end, it all starts with time and patience as the more you play, the better your skills will get, but, of course, there are some shortcuts you can take that can lead you to have a famous Gladiator title.

Now, as you probably know, boosts are nothing new in WoW, but knowing where to find them surely is, as you want the one that will help you to achieve your desired rank. So, if you want to check this option out or buy WoW Gladiator Boost right away, make sure to check

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