5 Common Leveling Mistakes All World Of Warcraft Newbies Make

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World of Warcraft is a game that helped to popularize the online multiplayer format in the first place. It’s also worth noting that it’s one of the few titles that has managed to maintain a high level of popularity for such a long time.

The reason for this is due to Blizzard’s unique policy of continually expanding the tale and providing new expansions, as well as various updates from time to time. In addition, the story, characters, gameplay, special features, and much more are all unique to the game. It’s a complicated virtual environment where you can have a lot of fun and spend hours of your time playing.

The most important thing is to develop a character, which you can do by leveling up, collecting items, killing enemies, completing quests, and so on. Reaching a higher level is the foundation of your hero’s growth. With each expansion, the leveling system evolves.

Professional players understand the value of quick leveling, and there are numerous videos available online showing how they achieve the highest level in a remarkably short amount of time. If you’re a newbie, however, it can be difficult. As a result, obtaining a level increase is an ideal solution. You can acquire a variety of boosters from various services.  For more information on this solution, visit https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-powerleveling-farm.

A newbie is bound to make mistakes, as is the case with everyone learning anything new. When it comes to game levels, many newcomers make certain typical errors that should be avoided. Only you can fix yourself when you realize you’re doing something incorrectly. We’ll go over some common leveling blunders that all-new World of Warcraft players make in the following article.

1. Keyboard Rotation

You’re a beginner if you’re using WASD or, worse, the arrow keys. In reality, typing PVE content is still a possibility. Because of the fast-paced nature of PVP, you should avoid doing so.

Turning with the mouse while attacking the keyboard is far more efficient. It gives you the ability to instantly rotate your character, facing opponents behind you and leaping away in a flash. The elite PVPers will move their mouse, which will result in a significant difference in response time.

2. Changing Classes Too Frequently

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The game’s developers are constantly updating the game by adding new features, races, heroes, and other content. For example, there may be a unique event involving a new hero that appears to be an ideal choice for using and reaching the highest level.

Keep in mind, though, that nerfing is a common occurrence when one class is much stronger than others. It can be a problem if your class is nerfed after you have worked hard to achieve the greatest level with it.

As a result, the ideal answer is to choose a class based on your preferences. For example, you might favor melee attacks over ranged attacks, or you might want to cast more spells rather than be a tank, and so on. That way, even if certain changes cause your hero to lose power, you’ll have enough experience to switch to another with identical skills and rapidly achieve the same position.

3. LFR Raid (Only)

LFR has been a divisive issue for a long time. It’s a condensed version of the raid that removes almost all mechanics and eliminates the risk of wipes if something goes wrong. If you think LFR is great for Heroic or Normal training, you’re wrong. It’s almost like it’s its own raid.

It’s not worth it to struggle through the gear with a bunch of jerks. Normal Mode is straightforward even if you PuG it. The quality of participants in a Normal raid is frequently higher than in an LFR raid. It’s also a far better testbed for increasingly difficult tasks. You will not learn how to raid via LFR.

4. Vendor’s Must-Have Items

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So, what is it exactly? Is there anything in your luggage that looks like spider legs? Why are you carrying a raptor egg? You don’t seem to find them useful right now. So, like any other person, you sell them to a dealer. Later on, when you hear about vocations, you realize: “Oh, that’s it.”

It’s not a big deal because you can always buy the components from the Auction House to improve your expertise. It’s just that preserving them could help you save a lot of money in the long run. If you had sold those things to other gamers, you could have made much more money. Hopefully, you’ll see your mistake and notify the vendor as quickly as possible.

5. Downgrading Your Gear

In dungeons, we’ve seen a few newcomers use gear that isn’t suitable for them. What about the freshly produced tee with the intellect/spirit combination? A warrior believes it is better for him because it has stronger armor value and stamina. Is there an agility ring?

On the other hand, the magician has no contacts. It must be a better option than doing nothing. If you explain that you are a new gamer, most people will understand. However, don’t just roll the needle on everything that falls because you think it’ll help.


There’s no need to worry if you get stuck. While there are numerous videos showing people reaching the maximum level in just two days, the emphasis should be on having fun with the game. There is so much to learn about this incredible narrative if you are a novice. Focus on your character’s abilities and quests in this regard.

Learn how to collect the appropriate items as well as a variety of other features. With practice, your skills will improve. It can be difficult to play with your first character, but after a while, you will notice the difference.

You can get a boost if you wish to do well in the game. It is preferable to recognize your errors as soon as possible before losing the game. You’ll spend enough time learning the rules and doing them effectively in the beginning.

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