What is the Fastest Zone to Level in Wow Shadowlands?

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World of Warcraft’s playable map is vast and massive in scale and scope, letting players explore almost 40 zones on their adventures with either the Horde or the Alliance. If you’re not careful, whether you’re a professional or a new player, you can find yourself in a high-level zone when you aren’t ready, and the villains and enemies will quickly show you that.

To level up quickly, playing these zones is an excellent way. There are around 40 zones in various expansions. To understand which zone is the fastest to level, continue reading the article. However, if you are interested in leveling up your game using a booster, then visit https://buy-boost.com/wow/character-leveling-boost for more information on the same.


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The Lich King’s doorstep, as well as the culmination of the war effort in Northrend. After the tragic Wrathgate incident in Dragonblight, the Argent Crusade makes a last-ditch effort to establish a foothold in this zone.

Players then report to their faction’s flagship and stage assaults across the zone in order to take control from the undead armies and establish a unified staging area for the assault against the Lich King himself.

With huge bloodthirsty vrykul, unending swarms of undead, and even Scarlet Crusade fanatics to fight with, gamers will have no shortage of adversaries to cut through. Despite the fact that it is a frozen wasteland, the zone is brimming with tasks to complete.

As you delve into the depths of Icecrown, the Ebon Hold Deathknights beg your help in defeating some of the Lich King’s most feared champions, the Argent Crusade constructs a tournament ground to vet out a strike force, and you witness what may or may not be the last vestiges of Arthas’ humanity.

Where the struggle against the avatar of death concluded in Wrath of the Lich King, Shadowlands heralds the start of our fight against death itself.

Howling Fjord

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Many players’ first encounter with The Wrath of the Lich King and the quest to slay the Lich King himself, Arthas, occurred here. The fjord is influenced by the continent of Northrend’s Northern European feel, and the main opponents are giants.

There’s a lot more to discover! Walruses exist. Beautiful mountains and trees surround you. Also, the Forsaken (WoW’s undead group) is rumored to be gathering information on a new plague to use against the Lich King. This magnificent, cold north world is bustling with activity.


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Many players will have reached this zone during their first major expansion of World of Warcraft’s playing. It’s a massive mushroom forest with a smidgeon of marsh, and many players have happy memories of racing around in it, fighting gigantic lightning bugs and strange creeping monsters with long legs and bulbous bodies in its gorgeous blue-green hue.

Sporeggar, the most fantastic small hamlet of mushroom people ever conceived in any gaming, is also located in this zone. It also blew my mind to learn that there is a raid instance beneath the enormous Zangarmarsh lake where you must battle a swarm of nagas and a naga queen or something. It was a huge step forward in the game’s fantasy aesthetic, and it still looks beautiful today.

Un’Goro Crater

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This zone represents World of Warcraft action at its purest. It’s a bizarre place full of elementals, goo monsters, and enormous dinosaurs that were literally created by a god to experiment with generating flora and fauna.

It’s also lush and green, and it used to be a dangerous area to go questing because so many others were trying to do the same thing. Even now, the crater is rife with oddity seen nowhere else in the original WoW experience, and completing specific quest lines reveals some of the powerful creatures lurking behind Azeroth’s veil.


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In terms of content, Netherstorm is shockingly devoid of it for an endgame zone. Apart from the normal tasks that can be found in practically every WoW zone, there isn’t much to keep you going back to Netherstorm.

Netherstorm is only spared by the fact that the Tempest Keep raid and its surrounding dungeons are located there. The zone’s instanced content is excellent, but it isn’t enough to elevate Netherstorm’s entire experience.

Terokkar Forest

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Throughout the course of the zone’s questline, the Terokkar Forest experience is continuously splitting players of both the Alliance and the Horde by sending them on distinct quests pertinent to their respective factions.

What makes that concept even more unique is that Terokkar is also home to Shattrath, the first neutral city ever featured in World of Warcraft. So, while you make your way through your faction’s custom-tailored experience in Terokkar, you’ll be checking in for pit stops at Shattrath as you brush past your opposing faction’s counterparts. Sadly for players, the zone’s questing experience isn’t powerful enough to merit a higher ranking on our list.

Hellfire Peninsula

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When you initially arrive in Outland, the first zone you’ll see is Hellfire Peninsula. Fortunately, the zone offers a solid experience. The quests are memorable, the dungeons (all of which are located within the terrifying and ever-present stronghold of Hellfire Citadel) are all memorable, and the leveling experience is one of the greatest in the expansion. The abundance of stuff available to play through in Hellfire Peninsula often leads to players returning to the zone on a second character staying longer than they intended.


If you don’t know how to level up to 60 in the World of Warcraft Classic, it can be frustrating. Many twists, turns, and roadblocks keep you from progressing to the next level, as you either lose money or your life.

Make a note of the zones indicated above and try to level them to make your game move a little faster and further. Consider purchasing a boosting service if you want an easy way out. Participate in the adventure and be a part of a genuinely iconic gaming excursion.

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