6 Things to Know Before Starting Mythic+ Dungeons in WOW Shadowland

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World of Warcraft is one of those games that will always be popular in the gaming world, no matter what happens. It’s loyal fan base has millions of players all over the world. The game has various modes, like Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic +.

The Mythic Plus Dungeon mode allows its players an increased difficulty level. Players can battle against time, while coping with weekly-rotating affixes, which in turn, award them with many rewards. All this keeps them coming back for more and that encourages them to develop several techniques and strategies. Mythic plus is like the Challenge Mode, which focuses more on accomplishments and perfect execution of tactics with no mistakes, rather than pure speed.

Many online websites are available in the market which allows the players to purchase different amenities and utilities that would be helpful for them to complete the Mythic Plus Dungeons. These websites have a detailed analysis of different products and how they would all be useful. For additional details, visit buy-boost.com/wow/wow-mythic-plus-dungeons-boost.

All players should know a few things before starting the Mythic+ Mode in WoW: Shadowlands. Stated below is a list of 6 such things, which the players should be aware of.

1. Dungeon Gate

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Of course, the Dungeon gate is the first thing a player is supposed to cross to enter a dungeon. However, locating a gate is quite a task as they are not openly visible. In Shadowlands, a few dungeon gates can be found in Azeroth, but the player should not go looking for a dungeon gate.

Dungeon owners are ferocious beasts, and oftentimes, it requires teamwork to take them down. Therefore, all the players will be allotted a team of total five players, based on the skills of the players. Among the five team players, one of the team players must possess a Mythic Keystone to enter the Mythic+ dungeon. Mythic Keystone is the key to open the Dungeon Gate and enter the same, and can be found after completing any other Mythic Dungeons.

2. Bosses

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The Dungeons in the Mythic Plus universe of WoW: Shadowlands are the homes of many evil creatures, owners and bosses. These bosses are the same as the ones found in the regular mode of the game, but are much more stronger and vivacious.

They rarely are alone, and are guarded by a lot of their brethren. They are able to shapeshift at will and often lure in the players to a deadly trap. It is advised to players to do some research about these bosses and their guards before starting the Mythic Plus Dungeons.

3. Taking the lead

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As stated earlier, Mythic Plus Dungeons require a team effort. So every player would be needed to be in a team of five players and according to their playing skills, they will get rewarded. It is therefore advised to all the players to learn about the various routes in and out of the Dungeons, different bosses and enemies, and how to manage and lead their teams during times of need. All this could prove to be a fun-filled experience and offer great insights about the various Dungeons of Shadowlands.

4. Loot

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Mythic+ is different from its standard versions in various aspects, like in difficulty levels and, in terms of gaming experience and rewards. Mythic+ does not provide any lots to its players. Rather, the various awards are awarded after defeating the final bosses, which is quite difficult, even for the most experienced players.

All the rewards will be provided to the team in a chest, which can be distributed amongst them accordingly. Additionally, players can receive high item level equipment that measures their abilities, based on the highest Mythic+ Keystone accomplished the previous week.

5. Boost Services

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Players can earn a variety of amenities by playing the other versions of the game. However, players who want to finish off early can use various online web based services which allows them to buy different products and services. Players can use these purchases in the game world and in Mythic Plus Dungeons. These will surely help them fight off the bosses with ease.

Boosting in World of Warcraft is more frequent than players may think. With so many different versions available, and so many players playing along at the same time, winning can become quite a task. This is when these boost services come in handy.

6. Keystones, Affixes and Seasons

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Players should remember that Keystones are the only requirement to enter the Dungeons in Mythic Plus. These Keystones can be obtained after completing dungeons in other modes, such as Mythic and Heroic. Upon completion, Mythic Plus Keystones are awarded to the players in a loot drop box. Keystones are also present in the Great Vaults of different Bosses, which can be accessed after defeating them. It must be noted that these Keystones are also time based, and they can downgrade very quickly.

Affixes are in-game multipliers which help players increase their health and safety, and also increases their damage impact. These suffixes can be collected all over the game and traded for gold. Before playing Mythic Plus, players are advised to maximize their Affixes and other health based parameters.

Since the game is online, the developers keep on adding different modes and products during the peak seasons, like Halloween and Christmas. These can be various, specific timed Mounts which can be very useful in acing the Mythic Plus world. Players should keep an eye open for these seasonal changes.


World of Warcraft has been a fan favorite ever since its release over sixteen years ago. The various gaming modes has made the game one of the most sought-after games of all times. The Mythic Plus Dungeons are one of the toughest and challenging modes in WoW Shadowlands. Players need to coordinate with their team members in order to finish this game. There are so many things in Mythic Plus dungeons to explore, a few of the same are added above for your reference. The game is available on all the major gaming platforms.

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