6 Tips for Winning Rated Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft

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Teamwork, mechanical prowess, and strategic thought all come together in World of Warcraft. This is true not only on the map itself but also in the Rated Battleground, one of WoW’s most recognized locations.

The draw of battlegrounds in World of Warcraft Classic epitomizes the appeal of online gaming. PvP is the most significant activity in the game for many players, as it rewards them with prestigious ranks, honor points, and strong gear.

Talk to your nearest combat master if world PvP is hard to come by. Then settle in because this popular activity may need you to wait in line. Now is a good moment for you to learn war strategies. Here are five strategies to win no matter where you go: Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, or Warsong Gulch.

1. Before You Proceed

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For a reason, each BG has a waiting period. The “Buff Phase” is the name given to this time. You’re not doing everything you can if you’re a buff class, and you don’t buff everyone you can.

Buffs have no mana cost. When the time comes, that fighter you neglected to buff may not be able to help you. Your warlocks are included as well! In a BG, we might not need to breathe underwater or detect invisible creatures as much, but dispelling the extra buffs will cost their priests more mana.

Make a strategy and follow it. Pay attention to the leader of the BG. It’s possible that this isn’t the “Battleground Leader” player at all. Typically, one person will offer assistance and advice. Give them your support, even if you don’t think the plan is the best; it’s preferable to collaborate rather than argue. Changes in plans can occur at any time.

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2. Communication is the Key

Take the time to type about it if six individuals are approaching to attack the base you’re defending. It’s not difficult, doesn’t take long, and you can do it while your healings are cast. You, too, can do it. Simply letting folks know what’s going on can alter the course of a conflict.

Let someone know if you tell them you’re alone guarding the Mage Tower in Eye of the Storm. Despite the fact that most people do not talk, they do read the BG chat. The more people that report on what’s going on, the more individuals who will be able to react in time to make a difference.

3. Utility Wins

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Do it if you have the ability to cast a spot heal, cleanse, stun, or silence or dispelling. Simply aiming for the top spot in terms of damage/healing done or battleground killing blows will almost always result in a loss.

Every class in World of Warcraft has a utility, and the first lesson in PvP is learning to balance your primary duty (taking damage, dishing damage, or healing damage) with any utility you can utilize to aid your teammates. It takes time, but removing a snare off a flag carrier or silencing their healer is far more vital than doing an extra 2k damage to that rogue.

4. Have A Correct Strategy

Before you begin PvP, learn the best strategy for winning each battleground. Granted, BG strategies are fluid and must alter at a moment’s notice, but there are specific general guidelines that can help you figure out what to do. Just because someone suggests you should seize the Hangar in the Isle of Conquest doesn’t guarantee you will.

You will lose if people tell you to get the flag in Eye of the Storm while ignoring getting three bases. If you seize three bases in Arathi Basin and someone tells you to “just defend,” you’ll almost certainly lose because you’ll have to constantly attack their nodes. Know what it takes to win and take action based on that knowledge.

Create a macro for each BG that tells folks what you think they should do; if they do it, that’s great. If not, do your best to perform your part. Just don’t consider BG chat to be the ultimate source of strategy because the vast majority of people that attempt to play bosses are complete idiots.

5. Build A Reliable Team

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It’s enough to be a diversion to allow the rest of your squad to finish their main objective. Find a partner and devise a strategy together. You are not obligated to remain with the organization.

Even if you don’t really conquer their bases in PvP, you and your partner should do everything you can to destabilize their bases.┬áMake yourself as enormous or as annoying as possible, and the opposing team will come after you to kill you. That’s what you want to happen.

When they’re focusing on you, the diversion, they’re not focusing on your bases, allowing your team to score points and win. It’s worth noting that being a distraction alone is difficult because you’ll perish much faster than if you’re with a friend.

6. Examine Your Own Performances

Examine yourself critically. Make a conscious effort to correct any errors you make. Were you confused by a sly violent shadow stepping behind you, or did you miss that skill in your rotation? Being willing to accept constructive criticism of your own work will help you advance much more quickly.


We guarantee you’ll notice a difference in how the battlegrounds play out if you keep these few ideas in mind as you queue for PvP as an Alliance. Horde wins the majority of the time for a reason that has nothing to do with your ability to play the game. They simply recognize that there are modest things that each of them can do to help the team rather than focusing on themselves. You can now do it as well.

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