5 Smart Ways to Save Money When Shipping a Car

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When it comes to shipping the vehicles, those who have already done it are well aware of how much it could all cost. Now, for any things today, transporting cars included, there are many factors that affect the final price. It means that by carefully planning and doing some research, you can easily find affordable car shipping services, so let’s look at the five ways to save money when shipping your car.

1. Avoid doing it in the middle of the season

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People are shipping their cars during the whole year, but there are some months when these companies are the busiest as they have lots of wheels to transport. Now, we don’t need to mention how costly it can be to choose precisely that period to order the shipping of your vehicle, as it is all about the basics of supply and demand and the price for certain products, or in this case, service varies. Deciding to finish the move during these months is probably not a great idea because higher demand means higher price, and besides that, it can be pretty challenging to find a reliable company that will have an open space to transport your car.

It is a much better option to choose some of the offseason months because there is not high demand, and it will probably be possible to pick the best date for the lowest price. Of course, no matter which dates you decide, finding a reliable company is a must, and it can sometimes be pretty challenging because there are too many of them available. If you are not sure where to start your search, click here and find out the price for shipping a vehicle with a reliable company in only a few minutes.

2. Open vs Enclosed transport

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When deciding to ship a car, one question that will largely affect the total costs will pop up, and that’s whether you want open or enclosed shipping. Now, both have benefits and disadvantages, and if you choose to go with an enclosed one, the vehicle will be protected from rain, storm, and any other weather condition, but, understandably, you will have to set aside more money for this service. On the other hand, open transport, even though it will mean that the car will be exposed to the weather conditions, will cost far less. It’s up to you to choose the service that meets your preferences, but going with open transport will surely reduce the overall costs of shipping a car.

3. Check for the discounts

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If we have to single out just one perk of living in this digital age, it would definitely be the variety in offer. It basically means that we have soo many options to choose from, but that’s just the beginning, one way to look at it. Namely, with that variety and vast offer of products and services also come various bonuses, promo periods, discounts, and the same is with car shipping services. Transporting companies provide us with some services just like any other company, and they also offer us some discounts just like any other company does. The problem is that many people are not aware of these discounts and they do not even check if they can use any of them.

These discounts are various, and besides the most common military one, we can find a senior discount, the one for students, for people with disabilities, and much more, depending on the company we choose to go with as our shipping choice. It is up to us to ask for a discount and see if we can use some of them, and it is a good idea to check a few companies to see which of them has the greatest discount. Choosing the one with the highest discount will save us the most money, which we can use to pay for other costs or simply refill the fuel. Yes, this may require spending some time doing research, but it will also save you a lot of money, or if you want to take a shortcut, just visit this site and save up to 30%.

4. RoRo

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Now, this one is a perfect way to cut expenses and save money. Namely, roll-on and roll-off services are ideal for situations when you need to transport just a few vehicles. The whole thing is actually pretty simple, as you drive your car inside large shipping vessels, and voila, the car is ready for travel. The only disadvantage with this option is about geographical coverage as it is only possible to transport vehicles this way to places with large ports.

5. Think about the insurance

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Even though insurance isn’t anything new, many people often forget about all that insurance policies can do for you and look only at the costs. The insurance is there in case of any unforeseen event where your vehicle gets damaged. It’s all about the compensation and protecting your assets. Now, although buying the insurance policy may look like spending more money, not saving it, the truth is much different. It sometimes happens that our vehicle gets damaged during the transport, we need to fix all the breakage and pay for it, and we are sometimes unable to prove it is not our fault, so we cannot get our money back.

Upgrading the insurance policy is probably the best possible idea because, in that way, we can get enough money to fix all the possible breakages without spending it from our pocket. It is important to take pictures of all existing scratches before the departure and compare them on arrival to make sure there are no new ones incurred during shipping. If they are, simply filing a claim will solve all your problems, and there is no need to think about unnecessary costs caused by someone’s else mistake. Spending a little more money on a better insurance policy is, in that case, one of the best ways to actually save a lot of money, but many people are not aware of that until it happens to them.

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