A Comprehensive Guide to Global Mobility Business Visas: 5 Things to Know

Mobility Business Visas
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You can always say this one thing about the immigration process – it never sleeps. Things always change within the system. Today we are going to dedicate a few paragraphs to the business section of the process of immigrating.

We’re going to focus on novelties in the department of immigration routes tied to the business. Have you heard of Global Business Mobility Visas? Of course, you have, and that’s why we have you here today to explore this subject further.

This is quite an interesting subject. First of all, we are going to start by explaining what this visa is. Let’s go.

GBM Visa: What Is It?

A fair question, there’s no arguing it. Let’s talk a little bit about this visa before we move to things that you ought to know. This document is all about the world of business. It is meant for both companies and their staff.

It is about enterprises that want to enter the UK market or simply want their employees there on the ground. There are a few new sponsored routes in this department. The novelties were established last year in April. While a novelty, this visa is only an expansion of what we already have on the table.

At the moment you have plenty of business visas available. So, what’s new? Well, first of all, you will have two new variations of visas tied to the firm visas. Overseas business visas would be expanded and there are tweaks to the terms of international agreement routes and other ones such as temporary work visas.

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Overseas workers will benefit the most as they now have fresh routes opened up to satisfy the needs of both their home firms and the UK market. So, while some things remain the same, others change vastly. So let’s talk about the five things you should know about global business visa.

5 Things to Know About The GMB Visas

If you have a firm across the pond or you are working for one, you should focus on what we’re writing next. Global Mobility Business Visas for the UK are an amazing way to expand your operation or to be an employee in the UK market.

Many companies across the globe strive towards this type of opportunity. But before you try to seize one you ought to know these 5 things about these visas.

1. The New Routes

As we said, there are plenty of differences in this department. New routes are what you’ll be most interested in. First of all, you want to hear about worker routes tied to senior and specialist staff. Beyond that, you also have a graduate trainee route.

These are tied well to the UK expansion worker route. The last two options that are on the market with new GBM visa routes include the worker route for secondment and the service supplier route.

2. Validity

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When it comes to visas the most important part is how much freedom you receive. It is all about the validity and the period you are allowed to spend on UK soil. The new routes we listed above offer you different options when it comes to the time you are allowed to spend in the United Kingdom.

As a senior or specialist worker you have the best benefits. You can exploit the pleasures of the UK for up to nine years. The rest of the bunch are not on the same level and you will not be permitted to reside in the UK for more than five years with any of the four remaining routes.

3. Requirements

Talking about visas you are obliged to mention the requirements. You can’t make it further than one step without them. They are the essence of all visas and if you want to receive this particular one you need to be aware of the requirements.

The good part is that they are quite similar to the rest of the requirements tied to other standard visas with a few small differences. First of all, as you’re already accustomed to, you need to be older than eighteen years. There mustn’t be any stain on your immigration record and no criminal activity of any kind.

Beyond that, you need to provide evidence that you’ll be able to provide for both yourself and any additional family member with your work. The interesting part is that you don’t only have to be in good health but you also must have a negative tuberculosis test from your country.

The last, but probably the most important part, is a certificate of sponsorship. You need to have one, and you need to obtain it before applying. Three months before it.

4. GBM Visa And Family

GBM Visa And Family
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The situation here is quite similar to any other visa you can think of. The same rules apply. Your family members can tag along. But, which ones? Well, of course, the first in line would be spouses or in other cases unmarried partners.

By adding a partner to your equation you must add proof of your long-standing relationship which would be proven by having joint bills and a history of living together. Of course, your minor children have a pass, but if you have kids older than sixteen years old you need to prove that they can live off of your income.

5. Who Can Apply?

In essence, anyone can. But, it needs to be business related. First of all, it is intended for overseas businesses that have connections to sponsors based in the UK. It is for all the worker types we listed just a few paragraphs above.

So, if you’re in a situation where you are employed by an oversea company that wants to do business in the UK and has a sponsor you are free to apply.

Bottom Line

The immigration process can be a difficult one, but if you look into it you’ll notice that it constantly evolves and it works toward being more accessible to applicants.

All that you need is to stay in touch with all the novelties and when the time is right you’ll be able to get a visa without too many problems. With new routes and digitalization, the process will be made much simpler for both individuals and companies.

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