Preparing for a UK Spouse Visa Interview: What You Need to Know?


Immigration is never easy, and you will need to consider a lot of different elements before you make this move. People have different motives for why they move to certain countries, and depending on their motives, they can understand all the important elements they need to go through to migrate.

In most cases, you will see that these processes are quite complex and that it requires a certain period before you can get the documents needed for you to make a move. One of the reasons why some decide to move to, let’s say the United Kingdom, is because they go married to a native. In this case, they would need to apply for a UK family visa.

For a person to get a spouse visa in the United Kingdom, the individual must go through an interview. It needs to be said that it’s not too much different from practically any interview you will go through during your life, but it still has its peculiarities. Today, we want to talk about this interview, and how you can prepare for it.

Why Do You Attend This Interview?

Before we can talk about how to prepare yourself for the interview, it is an absolute must to understand what is the whole point of the interview, and what are its main points. The reason why they will summon you for an interview is to determine whether you have all the documentation needed for the procedure to go through.

If you lack a certain document, then you will be invited for the interview. If you applied for this sort of visa before, and you got rejected once or more than once, then it makes sense that you will need to attend it again. If the rejection has already happened, then you can be sure that the ECO caseworker will be aware of the details that occurred in those rejections.

There is one thing you should be aware of, if you had different answers in your previous interviews, chances are that you will be rejected again. Therefore, it is essential to understand what is exactly you’ve said and to have the same narrative. It can be a little bit tricky since you are not allowed to record these conversations.

Proving Genuine Relationship


You have surely heard that there are many cases when people get married just to get citizenship in a certain country. It happens more often than many people can think, it is not excluded that some people are prepared to pay a hefty price for obtaining citizenship this way. To prevent that, the interviewers will certainly raise this question during the interview.

The couple that intends to get married, and one of them is a foreigner, can prove the legitimacy of their relationship by providing certain documents. For instance, one of the strongest proofs that their relationship is legitimate is that they have a joint tenancy or mortgage agreement.

Besides that, the passports need to be provided to the agent. That way, the agent can determine whether individuals have been traveling to each other’s country before. In complex cases, they will need to submit conversation logs, like skype, messages, etc. Not to mention that having a lot of photographs together can also be a strong indicator that the relationship is legitimate.

Arrive on Time

When you get your appointment in the UK embassy schedules, you will get the exact date and time. The agents are pretty strict when it comes to appointments, and you should get there on time. Otherwise, the chances that you will leave a negative impression of the agent tend to be quite high.

To make it on time, we would advise you to arrive at least half an hour before the appointment. Arriving on time will not only leave a good impression on the agent and help your case, but it will also make you less nervous about the whole interview. It is pretty much the same as any other scheduled interview you will have in your life, but this is of the utmost importance if you want to get citizenship.

Financial Requirements


An individual who wants to apply for a visa cannot access any sort of government benefits support in the country. For that reason, the applicant must provide proof that he or she has enough money to support his life without accessing public funds. For those who don’t have enough money, there is the right to work and to finance their livelihood.

To prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while living in the UK, and not needing to access public funds, it is essential to provide the agent with pay slips, bank statements, and other official documentation that proves this is the case.

At the same time, the person who wants to marry a foreigner needs to provide proof that he or she earns at least 18,600 pounds per year. If the couple has a child, the amount needed arises to 3,800, and it amounts to 22,400. The applicant should understand this before even thinking to apply.

Pay Attention to your Appearance

Lastly, we want to point out the importance of paying attention to your appearance at the interview. Even though it might sound strange, the agent will pay attention to how you look, including what you wear, and how to act during the interview. So, you must look your best if you want to achieve proper results.

Therefore, you should dress properly and maintain a good body posture during the interview. You should know that interviewers are good psychologists and they will examine you thoroughly. If you are nervous, this will be a sign that you are not honest about your answer, which easily leads to the rejection of your application.


Preparing yourself for a UK spouse visa interview is not as easy as many people believe. On the other hand, you will see many opinions on how hard it is that are just unrealistic. Here, you can take a look at all the important things you should understand about this interview.

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