Pros and Cons of Buying a House With Stucco Exterior


This building material has been a very popular choice for a long time. Although it has existed for many years, it regained its popularity in recent years. The consequence of its return is various innovative ideas and techniques. However, opinions are divided, because there is a lot of prejudice when it comes to this material. For example, these are high costs. The cost of creating it is not high, and the process is not as demanding as many people think.

Stucco adapts to everyone’s budget and is easy to maintain. Think about this cheap, practical and versatile building material and decide if it is the right option for your future home. Consider its advantages and disadvantages, as well as your needs. You can find all the important information in the rest of the text.


Fire resistant


When choosing a home, you should pay attention to important things such as personal safety. As you know, not all homes are safe, as some may have poor materials that are difficult to maintain. However, don’t worry because stucco is not one of them. It is actually very resistant to fire and pests. For example, if one side of the wall is affected by fire, you can be sure in the next hour. The fire will not reach the other part of the wall, which means that this material is resistant to the spread of fire. Since forest fires are becoming more common, it is necessary to think about these things. It is especially important for those who live in this climate, because stucco is an increasingly popular option in places with a dry climate.


When we talk about the properties of this material, we have to say more about its durability. Not only is it resistant to the spread of fire but it will remain stable even during strong winds. Other constructions cannot be compared to it, such as the brick construction. The average lifespan of this material is about 50 years or longer. Of course, proper maintenance is a prerequisite. The weather has a slight effect, but you can’t damage it. We must mention that it is resistant to mold and rot.



Stucco exterior is incredibly versatile when it comes to color, texture and type of application. We cannot compare any other material for home facades with it. It provides great flexibility. You can opt for a smooth, rough, swirling or specially shaped structure. Adding architectural details is also popular.

Easy maintenance

When it comes to maintaining this facade, you need to invest very little time and effort. It is enough to clean the accumulated dirt left in the pores of the wall once a year. To do this, use a pressure washable exterior to thoroughly clean every part of the surface. This also applies to the smallest slits. If you notice small cracks, use paint or sealants and go over the top coat.

You can also use a medium bristle brush and garden hose for cleaning. Although the material is resistant to mold, certain weather conditions can contribute to a humid environment. If these conditions persist, you may notice a small amount of mold, but there is a simple solution. Use chlorine-free bleach, a little water and apply the product directly on the stain with a sponge or brush. After the solution is absorbed, rinse it with a garden hose.

Excellent insulation


Among all the other advantages, stucco exterior is also known for good insulation. This means that it will significantly reduce the sound transmission and provide you with the necessary peace of mind to enjoy your new home. The reason is its layered nature that creates a concrete shell around the house. In that case, you will spend energy more efficiently because everything will stay inside your home.


Repair involves a lot of work

Although this type of wall is very resistant, there are situations in which damage can occur. While other materials can be replaced by changing the damaged part, stucco requires a different approach. If you would like to repair the wall, you should prepare this material and apply it in the same way as it was originally done. You should find more about re-stucco process at because that is least demanding and expensive type of repair.

Professional installation required


You should not install stucco yourself if you are an amateur. Although there is a kit for a DIY project, it is best to leave it to the professionals. This set is intended for small spaces and projects, and the whole process will be more expensive than it is. Materials for stucco are cheap, but if you do a bad job you will have to constantly buy new materials and start a project from scratch.

Not for all climatic conditions

This material is very stable, but it does not behave the same in all climatic conditions. For example, you will notice its fragile side in areas where the ground is prone to shifting. Therefore, the use of this material in earthquake-prone parts of the world is not recommended. Moisture is another enemy of stucco material. This means that a large amount of precipitation is very bad for him, because it will not last long not to burst. If you live in a rainy environment, stucco will probably oversaturate and over time, more and more water will collect under the building material.


Stucco has many advantages and several disadvantages, but you can get the most out of it. Here are some tips to help you do just that. For example, regularly remove dirt and debris by using a garden hose and brush. This way you will be able to keep all dirt and other harmful substances away from this building material. To protect it from mold and efflorescence, use a solution that will make a protective layer on the wall of your home. The solution is a mixture of bleach without chlorine, white vinegar and water. It is necessary to apply it on the stain with a sponge and then send that stain with a hose.

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