How to Know if You Can Trust a Car Dealer – 2024 Guide


Buying a car can be much harder and harder than you thought. The process of buying a car has many tricky parts. You have to negotiate the price, additional equipment, provide credit. Every mistake can cost you dearly and that is why it is important to be prepared.

Vendors are specially trained to take you away from your money. They practice their skills every day at customers, while the average person buys a car only a few times in their life.

That’s why we single out some of the most common tactics used by car dealers, and how you should set yourself up to deactivate them.

Vehicle maintenance costs


Before you start reviewing your ads, evaluate your budget and don’t forget about the cost of living and insurance prices. From determining the budget and estimating, at least roughly, the costs that the vehicle will generate in the future. Remember to never spend all the money you have on your car. It is always worth leaving a certain amount for unforeseen repairs. So, before you decide on a particular segment and model, gather information about servicing and availability of spare parts.

Savings-focused customers should target popular versions, well known to mechanics, based on this input. Then, pass this information on to a potential car dealer, and if he tries to persuade you to exceed your budget, move on to the next one. You simply cannot trust such a person, because selling him is more important than the customer’s need. That is why you will not be able to rely on him, because he will never be completely honest with you.

Function of new cars


If you do your homework or prepare to buy a car, no one will be able to deceive you. This means that you will be able to trust most car dealers. Such experts will have enough evidence with them to engage in legal action and will not steal your money. Your task is to determine your budget before buying, but also to think about why the car is important to you and what its main function will be. For example, you may have a large family, so you need a family car. Others will need a smaller city car that is easy to park and easy to drive during traffic jams.

Maybe you still need a car for work, a car for cruising, a means of transport for work or you want an expensive car that you will show to everyone. There is a large selection of models.

However, you do not like to use this means of transport equally, while for others it is the main thing. They are mostly car lovers, and they can hardly control their emotions and falling in love with a certain brand, look and performance of a car. If you love a sports car, then you will move exclusively within that framework or someone else, but stick to the framework that suits your needs.

Fake mileage


If the car dealer persistently assures you that a certain car has a few kilometers traveled, and its exterior does not give such an impression, Discoveryautogroup suggest you trust your instinct. As there is no method that determines with 100% certainty how far the car has actually traveled, watch out for small signs that indicate the age of the car, such as a worn steering wheel, worn gear lever, worn seat belt.

Time frame for making a purchase decision


Buying a used car can be very stressful, especially because of the large number of sellers who want to extract money from you and sell you cars with a mistake. If the car dealer insists you make a decision too quickly, cancel the purchase. Car dealers use time as a tool.

It will drag out the whole process until you become hungry and thirsty, which makes you vulnerable. This is a very serious decision that requires a lot of time and any reliable expert will allow you to think before you choose a car. However, fake sellers or those who have fake credentials just want to take your money. When buying a used car without hesitation, ask the seller to show you your ID card and other important information to be sure who you are dealing with.

Avoid dealers who do not own vehicles. In most cases, these are resellers who have the authorization, but there can be problems when it is time to transfer ownership of the vehicle. A mortgage car is another possible scam. You can easily find out if the car you want to buy has a mortgage. Do not rush with the choice. If you don’t know much about cars, don’t go shopping alone. Without the advice of more experienced friends and a detailed review by the master, shopping is a very risky move. Before going to the seller, the buyer should set himself up so that he buys the car and that he sets most of the conditions.



The easiest way to learn more about car dealer is to read as many reviews as possible. We are sure that you will find many comments online that will confirm or refute all your doubts. This refers to the experiences of previous customers, clients and others. Focus on those comments that contain detailed information, because the ratings won’t tell you much.

Since there are a large number of review sites, find at least a few places to check the reputation of the car dealer.

This way you will know for sure that some seller is worth your time or it is time to look for another expert. If you find only a few negative reviews, do not immediately give up the seller, because these are just a few people who had different expectations. You need to do more research and if you find many more positive reviews you might want to give the car dealer a chance.


Learn what to look for when buying a car. Car buying tips can shorten your time searching, analyzing and thinking about which car to choose for yourself. The modern car industry has created many models and the choice is great. On the other hand, certain car markets have their own characteristics, filters and choices when buying. Deciding how to buy a car becomes a complex process that requires the attention and analysis of the buyer.

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