5 Tips on How to Increase Your In-Game Awareness When Playing Blackjack

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Blackjack is a casino game but like no other. It needs you to be smart, and rely on your brain rather than on pure luck. It is a game of mathematics above all else, which makes it beatable.

Earning money and beating casinos is amazing, right? Yes, it can be done, without being called a cheater. People are used to having fun and losing money in casinos all over the world, but with blackjack, you can have immense fun, and with a little bit of focus you can have high earnings.

The one thing you need to know is not to count cards in a casino. That’s a no-go. But, when you get the hang of the deck in blackjack it’s not cheating, you can play it smart and win, without being picked on by a casino.

So, what you need to learn is how to increase your in-game awareness when playing blackjack. This is vital, because you sit at the same table for a while, regardless if you’re winning or losing, you can notice that the odds are shifting in your favor.

This is when you need to strike and take advantage of the cards dealt and those that are yet to come. So, how to remain focused? Let’s see.

1. Rely on Strategy

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As we said, this is a game of mathematics, but also requires a bit of planning and strategizing. Once you get the grasp of the basics of this game, it’s all about having the right strategy and sticking to it while the game lasts.

One of the most simple approaches is counting on the probability that every next card is a 10. If you play like this, you can take advantage of both small and big cards. This is by no means a safe way to win, but the odds will start to favor you after a while.

If you’re eager to start playing straight away but don’t have a strategy in place just yet, you can find many examples online. Various blackjack online apps will give an insight into the secrets of the game which you can later use on the table.

2. Focus on Yourself

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Regardless of the fact if you play online or in a land-based casino, one thing is sure – you’ll rarely be alone at the table. This can be an issue as your focus might start shifting towards other players.

This is never wise, as you’ll lose the track of your game. Other players can serve as nothing other than a distraction. Every game of blackjack requires your full attention, and while other players might have fun and you want to have insight into how they’re doing, stove away.

Of course, some of their moves can affect you, and turn the tides in your favor or against you. It’s always wiser to watch your business. Take a peek now and then but don’t let your eyes draw across the table too much and too often.

3. Watch Where You Sit and Bet Small

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This is a wise move, especially if you’re playing in a land-based casino. Of course, this rule can apply online, whereas at sites such as Ufabet you can also pick your seating. So, you need to sit as far away from the dealer, so that you can see how he deals the cards, and that you have more time to check out your hand.

Down the line, this can give you an upper hand during the game. While you’re learning a thing or two about your surroundings in a casino, you should also pay attention to how much you bet. With blackjack, it is always wise to place smaller bets over a longer period and to assess the situation.

It’s all about finding the stride. It’s better to know when to stop, as the casino is going to be there tomorrow, but if you lose too much in one go, you might not be.

4. Follow The Streak

If you have a hot hand, go with the flow. After three winning hands, you’re on a streak and should try and remain on it. So, as you’re hoping that your good luck is going to continue, at that moment you must increase your bets.

This is the right moment to try and maximize your winnings. If you miss a chance to do this while you’re ahead, later it might be too late. Some players, often do not use this approach, and they are not filling their pockets even after playing for a long time and having a few hot streaks.

The goal of a hot streak is to exit the game with maximum winnings. If you don’t do this, you might find yourself playing till you lose, or playing just for play, which is not a goal of gambling.

5. Play With a Straight Head

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There’s one thing that feels so good while in a casino – a glass of whiskey in your hand. We’ve seen this in plenty of movies, where the main actors such as Daniel Craig in James Bond, or Jason Statham in Wildcard do this while playing.

While you might look cool, not as cool as these two, but still cool, this is not something you should do during a game of blackjack.  As we said, you need to be focused, ready to apply a strategy and to be aware of your surroundings.

None of this is achievable while you’re drinking. Let us be clear, on a sip of anything is fine, but if you can’t control the urge to drink, you should stand away from the table. Decision-making is key in gambling, especially with his card game. Drinking shouldn’t be an option. You should take water, coffee, or some energy drink such as Red Bull.

These drinks will keep you focused, and that’s all you need to go out and win a game of blackjack against a dealer. Read this article three times if needed, and with our advice, you are already set for a win.

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