Installing a Digital Door Lock

A Digital Door Lock is a device that lets you control your access with your smartphone. Many of our homes have keyless entry pads, but a digital door lock is more secure. It is also very convenient. I set my digital door lock from my iPhone. It also has a remote that lets me lock my door from anywhere.

Installing A Digital Door Lock is a quick, easy, and affordable way to ensure your home security. Though new technology has simplified things significantly, choosing a door lock that is right for your home does require some research. Most importantly, it will require that you understand what type of lock you need.

Digital door locks are a more convenient and less expensive way of securing your home. Digital door locks are controlled using an app on your tablet or phone, allowing you the convenience and security that your home needs.

The Digital Lock Installation in Singapore has been a big step forward in enhancing the physical security of each dwelling, protecting its residents from intruders.

How to Install a Digital Door Lock?

The door lock is easy to install. You simply slide the latch bolt into the door and lock it. The lock then must be locked with a key before the door can be opened. Before locking the door, be sure to tell anyone who isn’t expecting you that you’ll be gone a long time. Leaving the door unlocked for anyone to enter defeats the purpose of having a digital door lock!

You can access the digital lock remotely, and new codes can be generated anytime. Smart locks allow you to control access from your smartphone remotely.

Once you have a Smart Lock installed, you’re free to control your locks from anywhere in the world. You can add or delete a door lock from your Smart Lock’s list using the app. You can revoke access to another adult or manage access for multiple adults in your household. You can also check who already has access.

Overall, digital locks seem to have made life much easier and more secure. It’s now possible to have a security lock that can be opened or locked from anywhere and at any time. Digital locks can also be linked to a smartphone, meaning it’s possible to access the door lock remotely and check if someone is entering or leaving the property when you’re away.

Installing a new digital door lock is just as easy and straightforward as installing a handle set. The first step is to determine the correct installation location. Next, remove the old lock; you can do this using one of several different methods (drilling, snapping off the lock mechanism) or by removing the lock plate and unscrewing the old lock from the cylinder. Install the supplied screws and washers into the new lock plate. Install the new lock; this can be done by inserting the cylinder into the lock and turning it clockwise until it is secured. While you’re at it, you can also use the new lock to add a deadbolt.


Installing a Digital Door Lock makes your home safer and can protect your belongings. Installing a lock is important, and our locksmiths are certified in installing any type of digital door lock. The digital door lock is a high-security lock that is keyless and has a keypad and fingerprint technology. The digital door lock has enhanced security; the homeowner can turn off the key remote/unlocking features to only the keypad or fingerprint.

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