5 Ways To Make Jewelry Making More Sustainable

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The jewelry-making industryis seeing some rapid changes. More people are making a move for ornaments that are sustainable. Also, people have a preference for customized jewelry, and they are ditching old and heavy ornaments. Hence, the materials used, the manufacturing process and the designs of the jewelry-making industry are all seeing changes.

As consumer awareness increases, jewelry manufacturers will adopt and accommodate the latest trends to retain their customers. People in the twenty-first century are witnessing the impact of climate change. Thus, they are more environmentally conscious. Also, in the digital age, people are ethically and socially more vigilant. Hence, manufacturing processes that exploit labor are also facing a backlash. Hence, jewelry making, like all industries, is becoming socially, ecologically and economically sustainable.

5 Eco-Friendly Approaches To Take To Make Jewelry

Using Environment-Friendly Materials

Gold is the most common metal used to make ornaments. However, it is not very sustainable from an environmental point of view. Firstly, very little usable gold is produced from the ore. Hence, a lot of the mining for gold ore results in just waste products and scrap.

Moreover, the mining operation wastes a lot of energy and water for drilling and washing operations. For instance, every 100,000 pounds of ore produces around 1 pound of gold. Also, the scrap left from gold ore contains toxic chemicals. Thus, going for sustainable metals like scrap or recycled metals, or silver is a better option environmentally.

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Moreover, many brands that use scrap metal for manufacturing can have buyback offers. Once a customer gets bored of a piece of jewelry, he can exchange it or resell it in the original store.

Apart from metals, jewelry is also made from bamboo, cane, clay, wool etc. These materials are easy to produce and also easy to dispose of. Since these products degrade naturally, their disposal does not generate tonnes of waste.

Going For A Sustainable Manufacturing Process

A manufacturing process that does not generate toxic by-products is desirable. Also, those manufacturing practices that lower the amount of waste produced are sustainable. There are brands like Nendine that are private label jewelry manufacturers. These brands make ornaments that are exact replicas of the original brands. They are third-party contractors who promise customized, precise products.

Many jewelry-making brands try to minimize the waste produced. For instance, Nendine uses perfect molds to produce high-quality products for large orders. When the manufacturing process is scientific and innovations are brought in to improve efficiency, the wastage goes down. When the entire manufacturing process is well planned, then the wastage of raw material, electricity etc., is minimum.

Making The Raw Material Procurement And Manufacturing Process Socially Sustainable

Jewelry manufacturers should strive to make the metal or gemstone procurement process socially sustainable. According to the ILO (International Labor Organization), the mining industry exploits a large number of laborers. Hence, any gold or diamond mining company should ensure that the laborers are not harmed physically or emotionally.

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Again, in the manufacturing process, workers have to deal with welding machines, cutting equipment, high voltage electricity etc. In such cases, it is important to make them aware of the safety protocols. Under no circumstance should workers be allowed to work under hazardous conditions. Also, they should be paid regular and appropriate wages.

All this ensures that the manufacturing process is socially sustainable. Brands which are socially sustainable are getting more acceptance by consumers and are seeing improvements in profit margins.

Sustainable Packaging

The packaging of products becomes environmentally harmful if it uses plastics that do not degrade or wastes paper. Hence, many brands are going for handmade recycled paper for making carry bags and boxes. Recycled paper uses old paper and breaks it down using water and certain chemicals. The use of recycled paper reduces waste produced, and it saves trees from being felled unnecessarily.

Plastics have conventionally been the packaging material of choice for most industries. However, the problem of its degradation is forcing most people to replace them. Hence people are using jute bags, straw bags and recycled paper bags as an alternative to plastics.

Making Jewelry That Are Economically Sustainable

In brands that make customized jewelry with sustainable metals and raw materials, their end product becomes economically sustainable. Economically sustainable jewelry can be worn by both the rich and the poor. Also, since the cost is affordable, people can buy a wider variety of jewelry. People will also be able to get the very same jewelry pieces that their favorite celebrities wear.


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Hence with time, jewelry will no longer be associated with high-cost products that are vulnerable to getting robbed. Jewelry will become personalized, affordable and sustainable. Moreover, with time brands will endorse their worker-friendly policies and waste minimization strategies. And such policies and strategies will become a major attraction for a conscious buyer.

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