How To Keep Pipes From Freezing During Winter

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Summer is in progress in certain parts of the world, and on certain days it is winter. Someone is currently enjoying the warm weather somewhere on the beach, and another is cold under the blanket hidden while at home. However, for a certain period, the situation will turn around and for some, it will be winter and for others, it will be summer. Do you know what is common? What they have in common is that in winter they both have certain responsibilities that they have to complete and the care that they need to have, which are related to the home and its preparation for winter and during the winter. Wondering what to look for and tactics to help ease the way? So let’s see.

During the winter, every home needs to be ready to receive it. However, winter is a period of the year in which temperatures are low, weather conditions are constantly changing so we can witness dry cold, cold sunny days, or snow which is the most likely guest during the winter. These weather conditions lower the temperatures, and the temperatures cause problems. They are to blame for the cold homes, but they are also to blame for the bursting of pipes in the homes. First of all, it is necessary to procure firewood for the home, and then to make checks for the home to see if everything is OK, especially when it comes to the pipes that are in it.

We would like to point out that it is especially necessary to check the pipes. They are the most sensitive part of the home during the winter. This especially refers to the pipes that are in the closest contact with the low temperatures, ie the pipes that are located outside the home and are directly affected by the low temperatures. These pipes have the highest risk of bursting which would open a big problem and cause a headache for the homeowner. Therefore, it is necessary to check-in time and if there is a need to repair the whole situation with the intention of not cracking the pipes, which would open a cost that we are sure you do not want during the winter. Wondering what you can do to protect your pipes from freezing? There are several ways to do this and do it in a painless way. Wondering how you can do this? Wondering how to help prevent this problem? We will help you with that! We researched and came up with the answers you need.

Today we present to you the 5 ways to protect the pipes from freezing, especially with emphasis on those that are outdoors or in a space where during the winter the temperature drops very low. Ready to find out more? Let’s get started!

1. Turn off the water if you do not need it during the winter

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Most often on cold days we are all in our homes and almost no one uses the gardens. That’s why you need to consider stopping the water you have for your garden. Wondering what the reason is? The reason is that the pipes that are outdoors in a period when the temperatures are low are the most sensitive and can burst very easily when it comes to cold weather and minus temperatures. Therefore, if you do not use the water in the garden during the winter, turn it off to prevent unwanted events such as the bursting of a pipe in the coldest periods.

2. Insulate them from the cold with some insulating material

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You have one task before the temperatures drop below zero. Wondering what that task is? Of course, insulate your pipes with insulating material. It is a material that generates heat and does not allow the pipes to cool, freeze and explode. Otherwise, these are special insulators made of styrofoam, foam and a thin layer of aluminum, etc. that can be found in one of the home centers, for which the professionals from can help you. and you can install them yourself. Do this in a timely manner so as not to put yourself in a situation where you can solve a major problem such as a broken pipe.

3. If you are not able to buy insulating materials, insulate them with old clothes

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There is another very good solution that is decided by some people when it comes to pipe insulation. If you are not able to buy insulating materials for any reason you can simply wrap the pipes in old clothes. What does that mean? Collect some old clothes and wrap the tubes in them, and then protect them nicely with some nylon so that they are safe and do not crack during the winter. Simply put, all you need to do is follow these steps.

4. If you live in a house and there is a possibility to move the pipes underground, consider that possibility seriously

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If you are afraid that the pipes may burst even though you have insulated them because you are not sure if you did it correctly or well enough in that case we recommend that you consider moving the pipes underground. All you have to do is change their position and they will come underground buried in the ground. This way you will make sure that they are in a warm part and that they do not crack during the cold days.

This is a situation that can create a big headache especially for all homeowners or holiday home owners. In order to avoid those headaches and unwanted costs, it is necessary to resolve the whole situation in a timely manner, and how it will be resolved if not in one of these ways that we have already suggested to you. So do not wait, consider the proposed solutions, consider your options and make a plan to protect the water supply network to prevent unwanted things that may happen. Act in time and do not wait because winter will come very soon, and with it comes a potential problem like this.

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