8 Signs Your Mattress Is Causing You Back Problems

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One of the main issues related to the selection of beds and mattresses is that most people will focus on design and the first feeling of comfort. However, the right selection is more complex than that. The most important thing to look for when buying a new mattress is the effect on the spine while you are sleeping.

Many people are not even aware that the main reason why they might have some issues with back pain is related to the poor selection of cushions. In that matter, you should never rush with the decision when you are buying a new cushion. Also, we don’t recommend you trying to save money on this item. Still, finding a well-known distributor is important as well. If you are interested in high-quality mattresses in different sizes, check out mattresstime.co.uk.

When it comes to the issues with the spine that might come as a result of sleeping in the low-quality cushion, you have to know that the average lifespan of mattresses is under 10 years. Therefore, even if you invest more money in some excellent solution, it will lose some of its features over time. The problem is that sleeping in such a bed can create serious issues for your body. Here are the most common signs that your mattress is responsible for back pain.

1. You Cannot Sleep Calm

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If you find it hard to get into the right position and feel more comfortable while sleeping is one of the most common indications that you should consider replacing the mattress. Another problem is that it harms your sleeping patterns, which will lead to feeling tired all the time. Even if you sleep regularly in it, you can feel exhausted in the morning since you probably were turning around in sleep during the night.

2. Wrong Level of Resistance

We can notice that people have different tastes when it comes to the selection of mattresses. Some of them prefer harder models, while others like to sleep in a soft one more. However, you have to know that it should not be either too hard or too soft. The harder models will add more pressure on your spine, while the softer ones are even more dangerous since they could cause serious issues with the bones, especially in the lower back. In that matter, the best option is average firmness.

3. It is Too Old

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As we already mentioned, it is important to know that most models have a limited lifespan that is under 10 years. The materials will most likely lose many of their features after their time, and it will become unhealthy to sleep in such a bed. Even though there might some models with higher life expectancy, you will have to spend much more on them. Therefore, the best solution to pay attention to how long you are using the same one, and replace it after every 7-10 years.

4. You Are Feeling Tired

The main reason why you should pay attention to choosing the right model is that it will help you to have a proper rest. If you are feeling tired after you wake up, it is probably the low-quality mattress that is the reason for that. In many cases, the problems with back pain will not show right away. Before that, you will feel tired after sleeping, it will be less comfortable to sleep in your bed.

5. Lack of Main Features

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The most popular choice and the one that can offer the most benefits is the ergonomic model that can fit any body shape. However, that shape might remain on the mattress after using it for using due to pressure. If there are visible traces of pressure on it, you can expect that the sleeping will become less comfortable as well. Also, it is essential to choose a model made out of high-quality materials and proper suspension.

6. You Cannot Achieve Balance

Another common indication that there are certain issues with the technical features of your bed, particularly with the balance while you are laying in it, is related to different pressures made on it. Your side of the bed might become lower or higher when compared to the level of the mattress. Sleeping on an uneven bed is one of the main reasons why people are having trouble with pain in the back.

7. New Model Will Require Some Time to Adapt

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If you notice that your new mattress is not as comfortable as you expected, you don’t need to rush with your decision to return it and choose something else. You have to know that new models have an increased firmness and that it is normal for them to be in that state for a couple of days. After using it for some time, it will become more compatible with your body.

8. Issues With Sleeping Patterns

A lot of people are not even aware of the importance of having a good sleep. Issues with sleeping patterns can lead to various issues with both mental and physical health. Besides the pains in the back, you are also risking getting higher blood pressure and problems with the cardiovascular system. On the other side, you might feel nervous all the time, and bigger problems with sleeping could even lead to more serious problems like anxiety and depression.

Last Words

If your problems with the pain in the spine are becoming more serious over time, be sure to contact the doctor and find out more about the best solution to improve the condition. The right selection of mattresses can play a great role in that. Moreover, if you are not sure how to choose the best one, the main factor should be your preferences.

Still, you should keep in mind that technical features are much more important than design. The great thing is that many stores will allow you to test their products before deciding to buy. Also, there is always a possibility to return the product and replace it for another one. That is especially good when you are shopping online.

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