5 Tips And Rules To Keep Your Septic System Running Efficiently

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A septic tank is arguably the most integral part of a household sewage system. Septic systems rely on them. Septic systems do not only have a tank but many other components. The entire system varies from place to place and household to household. Different kinds of systems require a specific type of attention. It is generally a mammoth task to do the regular cleaning of the system. To perform the maintenance of such a complex system, one can utilize the option of a Septic tank service.

Need For A Septic Tank

Water is received by a household from various sources like underground water and pipelines. The water once used by the household cannot simply be flushed into a water body or poured straight into the ground. If this is done, then it will result in irreparable damage to the ecosystem. Pollution will be immense, and it will bring bugs and flies to settlements.

The used water usually goes into a water sewage treatment plant in the cities. However, in suburban and countryside areas, septic systems are prevalent. These systems ensure that the unclean water that enters the ground is safe enough for others to use. Thus, the water released after proper treatment slowly gets filtered by the soil and reaches the underground water source.

What Should You Keep In Mind?

1. Removal Of Solid Waste

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Septic tanks have a build up of a lot of solids. The majority of the organic wastes are broken down and consumed by the good bacteria in the septic tank. However, there is always a residue build up over the years. It will settle down and harden if it is not pumped out at frequent intervals. Through a process of calcification, it will become a hindrance to the efficiency of the septic tank. It will also lower the capacity of the tank to hold water.

To save Money on major repairs and upgrades, it is crucial to invest a relatively smaller amount over the years. When the load on the system is lower, it performs better and for longer. It would be best if you got it cleaned every year.

2. Change Of Habits

The habit of flushing down unimportant documents, tissues, photographs, female hygiene products, and diapers must be curbed. These items are not meant to enter the filtration tank. As the system owner, you should realize these things so that you do not unnecessarily cause a blockage in the system. These cannot be decomposed by the good bacteria. Toilet papers are really thin and can get broken down easily. Organic wastes from the kitchen are also genuine items that you may flush.

If you let these items be carried along with the wastage, they will result in blockages, as mentioned before. Blockages will make it hard for the water pump to operate. Pressures will differ across the system and, therefore, might burn the circuits. Your wallet is the one that will have to pay for all that.

3. Minimize Use Of Bleach And Corrosive Chemicals

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Corrosive fluids and bleaching agents are surely impressive in the cleaning the house and cleansing the floors or greasy tiles. However, when these water-soluble chemicals are disposed of, they eradicate the good bacteria which is meant to consume the organic matter.

At the same time, most systems are not advanced enough to extract most of the inorganic material from the water, and impure water is circulated in the underground system. Those chemicals can also damage the various components in the tank, along with the corroding of the walls. This will have a huge replacement cost.

4. Drainfield

Sometimes, you possibly ignore where the drain field of your system is. This ignorance eventually leads to a problematic conclusion to your system. If the drain field is not maintained well enough, all of that previous treatment becomes worthless.

The drain field consists of pipes normally. If there is a large establishment over the drain field or trees are planted above the surface, the chances are that the pipes might leak. Moreover, before building an establishment above the ground, ensure that there is little stress on the drain field pipes. Simultaneously, it is important to have a feasible way to access the pipes for maintenance. If it is not accessible, a path through your establishment might have to be ripped apart.

Trees are also a big no. Its roots will reach further down in search of water and crack through the pipes to suck water out of it. Some trees also perform nitrogen fixation through ribosomes. These ribosomes are knots on the roots. In weather conditions like a thunderstorm, when lightning falls on the tree, any circuits can get damaged due to water leakage.

5. Replacement Of Parts

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After all, components in the septic system will wear down over time. They must be replaced in time to keep the entire system healthy. If one or two parts are not efficient enough, the complete load of filtering the wastewater falls on other components. When an excessive load is enforced on other parts, even they start getting depreciated much more speedily than they should.

You can also repair and replace the circuits from time to time. Such maintenance must be done after monsoons or the winter season. In the winter season, to prevent water from freezing and jamming the pipes, you should keep the system functional throughout. Upgrading the system with advancements in technology will also reduce the weight on the entire system and your wallet.


Just like a human bowel movement, it is essential to keep the water flow in the system constant. Large fluctuations will cause frequent problems. With fluctuations, the system might not seem as efficient. Despite all of the above recommendations to improve the efficiency of your water septic system, the most important tip is to keep having an analysis done by professionals. The government often surveys and inquires about the quality of the system you have installed. It is best to keep it fully functional.

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