6 Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Hoods in Top Shape

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Commercial kitchen hood maintenance is not as challenging as it seems to be. You have to follow some tips to keep it in top shape. Some people often get confused when maintaining their kitchen hoods. That is why it is essential to gain knowledge regarding the same. Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss all the tips that you need to follow for the same.

Kitchen hoods are available in different sizes, features, and styles. However, if we talk about their cleaning, the method is similar. Nowadays, cleaning hoods have become more convenient. You can find various platforms and websites where you can get cleaning services. But as there are many options, you might even get confused about which one you should pick. You can consider researching to find the best one.

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Some people like to clean their vent hoods themselves to save money. You might be curious to know the maintenance tips for commercial kitchen hoods. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started with the same.

What are the essential tips to keep your commercial kitchen hood in top shape?

If you don’t know anything about how to maintain your vent hood, you must look at the following tips-

  • Check your vent hood from time to time: Some people often forget to check their range hood for problems and issues. It is necessary to look for them because grease often builds up in the system. Sometimes, there might be an issue in the machinery of the hood. Also, there are some warning signs that you must look for and take action immediately. Here are some things that you should never forget-
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  • Smoke is not getting away from the kitchen: The most common problem that people face is clogging of the hood. Booking of the vent hood happens when there is a grease build-up. It could also occur due to some issues in the fan’s motor. So, if the smoke in your kitchen is not getting away within a few minutes, it is a warning sign. Once you find it out, you can search for some repair methods.
  • Loud noises from the motor: Another warning sign that you must look for is the fan’s engine’s noise. If loud sounds are coming after switching it on, you must consider cleaning. In some cases, you might even have to replace the motor. However, if you take care of it initially, you won’t face any troubles.
  • Buttons and lights are no longer working: If the switches and lights of your vent hood are not working correctly, you should get it checked. You can call a professional who will check the system precisely. You don’t need to worry because it is a minor problem. But you should be aware of this problem when using a vent hood in your kitchen.
  • Cleaning of Air filter: Air filters should be clean enough to clear the smoke from dust particles. One needs to maintain the health of the air filter in a vent hood. The entire process of cleaning the air filter is not challenging for beginners. If you want to get it cleaned by a professional, the cost is minimal. You don’t need to worry about your budget when thinking about the same. Also, note that there are two types of filters, one is metal, and the other is charcoal. The process of cleaning both the filters is similar. But you still have to remember some things-
  • The cleaning process for a metal filter: If your vent has a metal filter, you need to remove it first. Then you have to put it in a solution that eliminates the grease. After all the grease gets into the chemical, you have to use soap water for the final step.
  • The cleaning process for a charcoal filter: The only difference between a charcoal and metal filter is that you need to replace the charcoal one in some cases. You have to check the filter’s condition first and then decide accordingly.
  • Regular clean-ups of the hood once in a while: The best way to maintain your vent hood’s health is to clean it after some time. Some people aren’t aware that they can clean it themselves. It might be surprising for you. But with proper steps, you can achieve the results. Here is the entire process of cleaning the vent hood-
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  • Turn off the switch: The first step is to turn off the button of your vent. Otherwise, you might be at risk of getting an electric shock. You must have a cleaning spray that removes the grease from the system. It is pretty convenient to find a perfect one in the market.
  • Spray to the entire area: The next step is to apply the chemical in the system. Once you spray it, the buildup grease will get removed quickly. One thing you must be aware of is not spreading the solution to other electrical components.
  • Cleaning the vent regularly: You can improve the life of your vent if you consider removing the dirt and other substances regularly. You must check it after some months to enhance its durability. It is always better to spend some money on cleaning rather than getting a new vent. Regular check-ups will be beneficial as you will identify the issues immediately.
  • Replace the motor and clean the fan: Another essential tip to maintain the durability of the vent is replacing the motor and cleaning the fan. You can do it yourself or call a professional for it.
  • Take preventive measures now and then: One should always take care of the preventive measures for maintenance. Otherwise, it will create problems and issues in the long run.

The Bottom Line

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Maintaining the vent’s durability is possible only if you follow the tips mentioned above. We hope now you can begin the process without any issues.

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