3 Ways to Know if Your Outdoor Furniture Is Durable and Weather-resistant

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Choosing outdoor furniture can be a very difficult task. Sometimes it takes more time to plan and choose garden furniture than is the case when choosing indoor furniture. Unlike indoor furniture, garden furniture is exposed to severe outdoor conditions such as rain, sun, rapid temperature changes, or insects. So how do you know if your outdoor furniture is durable and weather-resistant?

Explore The Space And Conditions Where Your Outdoor Furniture Is Located

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If you want to ensure years of enjoyment in your backyard, it is necessary to research the open space that you have at your disposal, be it a garden, a garden, or a terrace. When exploring open space, it is necessary to pay attention to the climate and temperature and create an image of the entire landscaping in reality. We can say that when researching an open space – it is necessary to specify the dimensions of garden furniture, the conditions in which the furniture will stand – and define a realistic budget for the purchase of the same.

Material Selection

The material should be chosen according to location, space, style – and other factors, such as weather conditions. It is very important to choose the material that suits your needs. Furniture made of wood, aluminum, or wrought iron can be a better choice in terms of quality and durability. Some materials are resistant to external conditions – while some require protection.

How Do You Know If Your Furniture Is Weather Resistant?

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As it is exposed to the forces of nature – outdoor furniture requires regular maintenance. For example, wood requires painting, covering, or storage in the colder period – and metal furniture needs to be protected from corrosion. According to icosiest.com, maintaining different materials can also affect your choice. So here are ways to know if your outdoor furniture is durable.

1. If you choose a good material for outdoor furniture

When you decide to buy garden furniture from the selected material, it means that you will automatically decide on a certain type of maintenance. Outdoor furniture is exposed to the constant influence of sunlight and moisture – which makes its quality even more important in the long run. Think about how much time and energy you are willing to invest annually in the care of your outdoor furniture – and then choose the type of material that suits your needs.


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Aluminum outdoor seating and garden chairs are extremely light and stainless. Aluminum is an extremely durable material – so it will withstand moisture and everyday use. Aluminum is extremely easy to maintain. It is enough to clean it regularly with a suitable damp cloth and cleaning agent.

Steel and iron

Steel and wrought iron are materials that must be protected from rust for several seasons with a waterproof coating or paint. In addition, aluminum is an extremely resistant and high-quality material. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to use metal furniture without proper pillows.


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Rattan garden furniture is in most cases extremely light – and therefore easy to carry or move. If rattan was once a material suitable only for use under a roof, awning, or parasol – today, it can be placed outdoors. Quality rattan and suitable artificial materials also defy the rain. If you decide to buy garden furniture made of natural rattan – then a waterproof rattan coating is needed every few years.


Wooden outdoor furniture needs care and maintenance the most.

How much you will have to take care of wooden outdoor furniture or wooden deck chairs – of course, depends on the type of wood. You will have the least work to do if you choose a cypress, cedar, or redwood tree. These types of wood are well resistant to various weather conditions – and require less color regeneration and UV protection.


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Artificial plastic is suitable for anyone who wants the furniture to be stainless, relatively inexpensive – and easy to maintain. When exposed to strong sunlight the color on certain parts of the garden furniture can fade slightly. Plastic garden furniture is very easy to maintain and easy to clean with detergent and cloth.

2. If it has a waterproof canvas

Waterproof canvas is the only type of material that is one hundred percent resistant to water liquid. This type of canvas is great if you want to protect your outdoor furniture. It can also be used for upholstering chairs, armchairs, or two-seaters intended for outdoor use. You can use such fabrics during all seasons. It is very resistant to all external factors or disasters.

3. Protection of wooden furniture from insects

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Protecting wooden furniture from various insects is a very important segment in the maintenance and longevity of your outdoor furniture. There is almost no object that doesn’t have a tree in it. Regardless of whether it is the construction itself or at least wooden furniture. The function and application of wood can be large and diverse. However, the longevity and beauty of a tree depend on how much we have managed to protect it from physical damage and the organisms that feed on it. Protecting trees from insects is a necessary procedure. If you are not sure how and how to do wood protection yourself – it is best to turn to experts. They will perform quality and preventive protection of the tree and save you from the appearance of insects that can create subsequent headaches and additional costs.

Storage Of Outdoor Furniture

When buying outdoor furniture, keep in mind storage! In winter, it is necessary to ensure adequate protection and storage of all parts of garden sets. Think about whether you have a large enough space where your garden furniture will survive the cold half of the year? In addition, the conditions provided by your storage space for storing furniture are not negligible – and the temperature and humidity are very important.

The Bottom Line

We hope that these tips and ways to store outdoor furniture will help you maintain it properly and be sure that it will last a long time. Of course, opt for models and pieces of furniture to your liking, but keep in mind the disposal of this furniture in the winter. It is definitely easiest to store a folding garden table or garden chairs during the winter. Also, modular garden sets are extremely mobile and easy to carry.

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