How To Quickly Level Up In World Of Warcraft: Useful Tips And Add-Ons For Leveling


Any person who has played WoW at least once knows how long it takes to level up a character to the maximum level. We are not talking about fun servers or pirate versions with x10-x300 experience multiplier. It can take from several weeks to several months to fully boost the character. It all depends on the player’s patience and the time he devotes to the game.

Of course, to save personal time and speed up the leveling process, you can use services like Skycoach. In boosting services, everything is fast and simple – with the press of a button, you kill a boss, go through a dungeon, mine gold, or upgrade a character.

However, you can achieve the result yourself. In this article, we’ll show you how.

Quick ways to boost your hero

There are 3 ways to quickly level up, which are available to any player:

  1. Regular passage of dungeons by a group of the same leveling players. Since the experience will be shared between everyone, it is important to collect all the quests for a certain dungeon in advance and only after that go to it.
  2. Help from a high level player. Here everything is much simpler. With a character of the maximum level, you can go through all the dungeons step by step, quickly completing several quests at the same time. A huge plus if a high-level player has a vehicle with room for a passenger.
  3. Another way that will not be as fast as those described above is to complete quest chains, not individual tasks. They are in almost every location and most often not in single quantities. The main advantages of quest chains are a large amount of experience, good loot compared to single quests.

Useful addons for WoW

In order to speed up the boosting process, don’t forget about addons. There’re plenty of them, but let’s check the most popular ones:

  • What’s Training – this addon displays in a separate list those spells and abilities that can be learned at a certain level and their cost from the trainer.
  • XToLevel Classic – this addon determines how the character is leveled, after which it indicates how much is left to the next level.
  • Questie is the most useful addon when leveling a character in World War II. It displays the location of quest mobs on the map, indicating with an arrow where to go to complete the task.

General tips to follow


The speed of leveling a character in Wow directly depends on many factors. To significantly increase it, it is recommended to heed the advice of experienced players:

#1. Select branch wisely

It is important to build a game when leveling only in DPS branches. If you choose a branch of a healer or a tank, the process will become too slow.

#2. Check info on YouTube

Work out in advance the routes along which you have to move from quest to quest. If there is no knowledge of locations and the location of the NPCs, it is best to watch video reviews of all locations or walkthroughs in advance.

#3. Choose strong team

It is not recommended to do quests with other low level players. In this case, the experience will be shared among all members of the group.

#4. Make one more hero

Create an additional character who will play the role of a banker. It must be located in one of the capitals of a friendly faction. He needs to send all the things for sale and useful reagents by mail.

#5. Buy vehicles

Plan in advance the purchase of vehicles so that by this time the character has enough gold, passes through the place where the mount was purchased.

#6. Choose gathering

This applies to herbalism, mining, and skinning. The rest of the professions will take too much precious time. Also, don’t be distracted by obtaining various achievements, exploring locations, duels with other players, and communication. All this can be done safely after reaching the maximum level.

#7. Kill all mobs between main quest spots


That is, if you were given the task to collect 10 items, then after collecting them, don’t just return to turn in the quest, but on the way back kill every mob for which you can get experience.

#8. Accumulate gold in every possible way

At first, you won’t have enough wealth for anything. It’s awesome if you see the first 10 gold cash at level 30. The rest of the time you will count each coin, especially during boosting. Here are some simple tips to help you farm gold faster:

  • take whatever you see and whatever you can reach;
  • pick up any gray things for sale and don’t disdain it;
  • don’t spend coins on any nonsense, especially at the first levels;
  • sell at auction everything that can be sold profitably;
  • don’t download all available spells or recipes, but only those that you will use.

We hope our tips were helpful. Good luck in the game!

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