How to Get More Loot From Dungeons & Raids in World of Warcraft


WoW is a multiplayer game that has been with us for some time now, and what is pretty interesting about it is the fact that it still attracts new players from all around the world, even after almost twenty years old. Playing it requires some skills, but the good news is that everyone can learn how to play it and, with some practice, become a great player after some time. If you are new to the WoW world, some terms that regular players use to communicate between themselves can sound pretty confusing, so we will try to explain to you how to loot and how to get more of them. And we promise we will make it simple, so if you are interested, just continue reading.

What is loot?

Let’s start from the very beginning and explain what loot is, so every new player can understand and learn how to do it. We will keep this explanation simple and try not to confuse people who are completely new to this game and have no previous experience. Loot can be different stuff, or better said treasure, important for the game that you can get from bosses or containers throughout the game, and it is usually some items or money.

Doing it solo

It is not difficult to understand for people who like to play solo how to loot and what they should do to reach the treasure from bosses they killed in the fight. It is enough to look at the corpse of the mob who is defeated as it will show the shining effect, while the cursor will switch to a trade one. Everything else is more than simple as all you should do is open a pop-up window with everything that boss carries and pick those items with one click. It is also possible to click on autoloots and pick all the items even easier. The great thing is that you can come back to the corpse and loot all the remaining items as many times as you want until it vanishes.

Doing it in a group


There are a few different ways of looting while in a group, and since many new players think it is too difficult, we will try to explain it and make playing WoW much easier for them.

When it comes to personal loot, the game itself chooses certain players who will get the award, and other payers from the group get gold. Who will get the reward depend on the group size, and it is impossible to influence it in any way. The great thing is that almost every loot can be traded among players in one group except the level upgrade, which is different for each character.

Bonus Roll system uses a similar type, but with one important difference, each player who has a certain token can use it for a new try at loot from a boss they have beaten.

The simplest for players is personal push loot because there is no need to go to the recently defeated boss in order to get the items, as all of them will be placed in the inventory without the necessity for any action.

Besides that, we also have legacy loot mode, and there is no need to worry about it because it enables automatically once the player reaches level 11 or higher than the maximum level of the content. There is an option that the whole group will get the item or raid at the instance level.

The last way to get some items is quest loot, and here we have two different modes to choose from. The first one implies the quest where the party should collect a few items, and it can be simple to loot because rewards will be randomly dropped on some of the bosses, and one can loot as usual. Another one is when it is necessary to get one item from a certain boss, and in this case, every player from the party can loot the same boss’s corpse.

Doing it in battlegrounds


Many new players are not sure if it is possible to accomplish loot in battlegrounds and how to do that, and the answer is yes, it is possible, but it requires some skills. After beating the opponent, looting removes their insignia, and if they want to revive, they need to do it at the graveyard, which will give them a small amount of money. Because of that, it is crucial to be careful as their ghost can circle near the corpse and spy on the location while running to the graveyard, so it is crucial to wait for the right moment for looting.

How often you can do it?

There are no limits on how often we can play WoW, and one can do it as long as they want, and their obligations let them do it. Regarding that, we can play dungeons and raids as many times as we want and kill the bosses, but it is necessary to mention that we cannot loot every time. We can do it only once per difficulty, but playing more will help us gain the necessary skills and make the game much easier and more interesting.

To summarize

As you can notice, looting is not complicated, and it is possible to accomplish it as a solo player or while playing in a crew, even on the battlegrounds. But, you should know that there are certain limits, and it is not possible to do it more than once for each difficulty. However, it is not the reason not to play the game every time you wish and has enough time for that, and winning dungeons and raiding can help you gain skills and become better and better at it. Sometimes you will have trouble finishing some quests, and a boost can be pretty useful in that situation, but finding the reliable ones can be pretty challenging. Luckily, we have a solution for that too, and if you need a perfect WoW Boost.

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