7 Mistakes All Beginners Make In WoW Arena

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An arena is a huge form of competitive gameplay there isn’t anything else quite like it. The Arena in the World of Warcraft is a deathmatch encounter in a confined arena between teams of 2,3 players. You can queue for it from the rated PVP tab, and you can find teammates from the Arena section of the PVP group founder.

Once inside the game, you will find your PVP talents activated, granting you access to a variety of new skills and interactions. Success in Arena can add a variety of cosmetic items, weapons enchant, unique transmit sets, and temporary titles to your game.

Common Mistakes In Wow Arena

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No human is perfect. In case you are a beginner in the arena, you will keep on making many mistakes. With time, as you sharpen your gaming skills, you will be able to get your hold on playing the game with utmost quality.

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1. Wrong Position As Melee

Positioning is determined by situations and comp. Being out of position would be when you are not in an optimal posture based on the situation you are in and the comp you are playing. There are a lot of different scenarios so it won’t be easy to give a general thumb rule. It also depends on what class you are playing.

The position of the melee is dictated by where his enemy is standing. As melee target selection goes hand in hand therefore positioning becomes more crucial.

A good position can result in:

  • Higher uptime
  • Added pressure
  • Interact with more targets

While bad positioning is more than likely to cause a plethora of issues. The most common ones are:

  • Risk of overextending
  • Survivability issues
  • Difficult for your team

Solution for the above-discussed problem is positioning versus caster cleaves. This could be one of the hardest compositions to face.

2. Lack Of Damage

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Knowing how to use and when to use damage is key to winning a lot of games. Even after a good uptime on someone, you will not be able to bring their hp down a lot. It could be a result of your damage rotation done incorrectly.

Don’t get overwhelmed especially when they are being targeted. Staying focused on your damage output throughout the game is extremely important. Always remember that without solid damage output you won’t be winning games.

3. Wasting Crowd Control

Crowd control is the next game losing mistake that players make. They don’t make the most of their crowd control . The enemy team always tries to survive your offensive cooldowns. Crowd control is the best way to prevent the enemy team from using them. Using cc properly and in a coordinated way can secure a window where you can kill someone easily.

Neither they, nor the teammate can use their defensive step to become better at crowd controlling. Knowing your teammates and the enemy’s toolkit is highly recommended.

You should use coordinated setups and formulate your own setup. The most important thing to do is to ask your teammates if they are ready to contribute to the crowd control chain. Make sure your teammates are in the circle of 40 yards. If the distance is more than 40 yards then it is probably not a good time to push in.

4. Improper Use Of Diminishing Returns (DR)

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Many players do not use their DRs properly in the heat of the moment. Having patience and right planning is a very important part of right gameplay. DRs are not only important for offensive play, but many players also tend to make mistakes of using their crowd control defensively before the enemy’s team uses their cooldowns.

5. Not Paying Attention To Enemy Cast Bars

Many players are not at all aware that they are missing out on a lot of information by not having proper enemy cast bars. If you don’t see a greater pyroblast or a chaos coming it wouldn’t be a big surprise. It happened because you were not paying attention to the enemy cast bar. Other than a few exceptions, the majority of damage comes from casts.

Knowing what each spell does is very important. What is more important is to know when the enemy is casting. The default wow UI doesn’t do a great job in showing the enemy’s cast bars.

6. Not Using Interrupt correctly

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A nicely timed interrupt can easily make or break a game. We know a lot of spells in wow. It is important to know which of them should be interrupted and why? Certain spells are a lot more important to interrupt than others. Start by interrupting crowd control depending on which classes you face and in which situation you’re.

This doesn’t mean you should always be interrupting crowd control spells. Rather make sure to look at the positioning of the team and the crowd control they are already in.

7. Not Trading Cooldowns Properly

Another most common mistake is the misuse of major cooldowns. For a better game, aligning your defensive cooldowns with enemy setups or offensive cooldowns is extremely important. Failing to do so will result in overlaps or taking way more damage than necessary.

Using this properly depends upon proper planning and predicting. If you are facing a retribution paladin who uses his avenging wrath which is a massive two minutes cooldown, it is completely fine to respect those cooldowns and line up defensive cooldowns with similar cooldowns.


Beginners definitely have to face roadblocks in their journey to be a successful player in the arena. It takes time and experience to understand the depth of the game. Having understood all the mistakes that beginners make in the game, make sure you work on them. Boost your gaming strategy and learn new skills and gaming techniques with every gameplay.

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